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Orlistat Information Online

Orlistat is a medication designed to treat obesity and aid in weight loss. Orlistat works primarily by preventing the absorption of fats from the diet by acting as a lipase inhibitor. Intended for use in combination with a healthy diet and exercise regime, orlistat effectively reduces a person's caloric intake, thereby improving the weight loss that can be achieved when a diet is correctly undertaken. The effectiveness of orlistat has been clinically proven, and research shows that using medication that contains it can lead to improved weight loss results.

Is Xenical the same as generic orlistat?

Orlistat is the active ingredient used in Xenical not a generic version of it. A generic version of a medication can only exist when the original medicine has gone off-patent and another company besides the original manufacturer, in this case, Roche, recreates the drug. Roche controls the rights for producing orlistat based products at the dosage used in Xenical though, so any other product claiming to contain orlistat at that dosage is potentially going to be a harmful generic.

Does Alli use orlistat?

There is an over the counter medication called Alli that is also made using orlistat as the active ingredient. Alli has not been classified as a prescription drug though, meaning that it is not clinically proven to work as Xenical is and as there is a current worldwide shortage of Alli, patients looking to purchase it may prefer to opt for an alternative like Xenical.

What Doses Of Orlistat Are Effective?

When prescribed as a medication in the form of Xenical, orlistat is always recommended to be taken in dosages of 120mg, which is one Xenical tablet. As Xenical is the only legally available form of the generic orlistat medication, patients looking or weight loss aid will only be able to take that dosage.

Can I buy orlistat online?

As mentioned already, the only way to purchase orlistat is in the form of the prescription medication, Xenical. As a prescription medication it is vital that you complete a medical consultation to ensure that you are suitable to use it; any site offering an orlistat medication in 120mg dosages is doing so illegally if you can purchase the product without a medical consultation taking place first.

Is generic orlistat as effective as Xenical?

As Xenical is a branded version of the generic orlistat medication then it could be that a product claiming to offer the same dosage may be effective but, as mentioned, may not be legal or authentic. Generic versions of medications can also be difficult to track, and guaranteeing their effectiveness is not always possible. When you order Xenical from a reputable site then you can guarantee efficacy and be safe from worry about placebo or non-medical tablets.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a common problem that can be effectively dealt with when a good diet and exercise regime is combined with a prescription weight loss treatment.

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