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Buy effective cold sores, shingles and genital herpes treatment online

  • Box of Famvir 250mg famciclovir film-coated tablets
  • Box of Famvir 250mg famciclovir film-coated tablets
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Dr. Anju Verma
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How to buy Famvir online

You can buy Famvir online at 121doc by selecting your dosage and quantity requirements before answering a few simple online medical questions. This will take about five minutes. A certified doctor reviews your details and sends the prescription slip straight to the pharmacy.

Your medication will be dispatched from our UK registered pharmacy and delivered via one of our discreet delivery options. We offer free next day delivery at no extra cost.

What is Famvir?

Famvir is an antiviral medication that contains the active ingredient famciclovir and can completely clear a herpes outbreak within 10 days.

Famvir is a dual use medication that can be used to treat a specific infection and also to prevent any potential future outbreaks from occurring. Whilst there is no cure for the herpes virus, this medication can help people infected to remain free of the visible symptoms of this condition. Another benefit of this medication is that it can also be used as an effective treatment for cold sores and shingles.

Famvir can help combat the herpes virus in a number of ways:

  • It decreases uncomfortable symptoms such as tingling, soreness and burning.
  • Any exposed sores will heal quickly and are less painful. The amount of sores also lessens.
  • It minimises the length of an outbreak considerably, especially compared to not using any treatment at all.
  • It can reduce the amount of outbreaks you experience in the future, particularly when used as a preventative and continual treatment in a lower dose.

Famvir is convenient to buy in the UK with the ability to buy here online with a confidential consultation and delivery process. This means you can get your Famvir medication delivered to your workplace or shared accommodation without the worry of the condition being discovered.

Prevention and Treatment

Famvir (famciclovir) is an antiviral treatment that can be used to treat an infection outbreak in a higher dosage in the short term.

Famvir can be taken daily in a low dosage as a preventative treatment. Taking it in this way significantly reduces the risk of any symptoms occurring, which in turn makes the virus less contagious.

What is the herpes virus?

The herpes virus can materialise in many ways depending on how you have contracted it. For example, Famvir is commonly used to treat genital herpes that is passed through sexual contact. This could be through penetrative sex or oral sex. If contracted through oral sex, you may develop cold sores around the mouth (a strain of the virus that Famvir can also treat) as well as coming into contact with a sore through kissing and certain objects.

The herpes virus is also responsible for shingles, a condition similar to chicken pox that you usually experience as a child.

How does Famvir work?

Genital herpes is an infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Whilst there is no cure for the virus itself, there are treatments that can lessen and eliminate the discomfort of any visible symptom that are associated with this condition. It can also reduce the duration of an outbreak as well.

Rather than eliminating the outbreak directly, Famvir works by aiding your body's immune system to prevent the spread of the virus instead. By halting the spread, this gives the body the opportunity to fight the infection more effectively. Famvir can also be used to treat other conditions linked to herpes simplex virus like cold sores and shingles.

How do you use Famvir?

Regardless of if you're taking this medication to treat a specific infection, you should start as soon as the initial symptoms appear. This will quicken the recovery time as well as subduing symptoms quickly.

This treatment can be used to treat all three conditions that are associated with the herpes simplex virus, although the dosage and quantity requirements will differ.

You must complete the full course, even if the symptoms start to clear. You can take the tablets with your without food.

It is important to space out the dosages throughout the day. For example, if the dose is twice a day, take one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. For three tablets a day, take one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening.

Using Famvir for genital herpes

  • Take one 250mg tablet three times a day for five days for the initial herpes outbreak and for direct treatment.
  • If you are using this medication as a preventative treatment, you should take two 250mg tablets a day for as long as needed/prescribed by your doctor.
  • Using Famvir for shingles

    • To treat shingles, you should take one 500mg tablet three times a day for seven days.

    Using Famvir for cold sores

    • To treat cold sores, you should take a one 500mg tablet three times a day for seven days.

    We will provide you with a patient leaflet that will have full instructions on using this treatment as well as the doctor's requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team.

    Missing a dose

    If you miss a dose, don't panic and take the missed tablet as soon as you remember. This shouldn't affect the efficiency of the treatment as a one-off but may do if you continual miss dosages.

    Do not take two or more tablets at once. If you've missed a tablet and it's nearer to the time of the next one, miss out the tablet completely and continue the course as normal. You can take the missed tablet at the end as one dosage extra.

    Sex whilst taking Famvir

    The herpes virus is incurable but highly manageable with the right treatments and self care. You can discover more about the viral infection on our information page. When an outbreak occurs, this is when herpes is at its most contagious. In terms of using Famvir, you should refrain from any sexual activity until the course is completed.

    If you feel that symptoms have cleared yet still have part of the course of antivirals to take, you should continue the entire prescription as it could return. This also means you're still at risk of passing it on even if you feel you have no symptoms.

Famvir side effects

Famvir is a prescription medication that is widely used and well tolerated. Only a small number of individuals will experience any negative effect and when directly treating the herpes virus, this is often temporary and mild as the course of antivirals is short.

Side effects of Famvir affect 8% of users. For those who do experience side effects, possible symptoms can include headaches, diarrhoea and nausea/vomiting. You could also experience fatigue and cramps. If these occur, they should clear completely when you've finished the medication and mild in nature to be manageable in day-to-day life.

If you experience any persistent side effects, please consult with your doctor or contact our customer service team.

Famvir Precautions

As with all prescription medication, there are certain groups who may not be suitable for this medication based on their medical history. If Famvir isn't suitable for you, there may be another herpes treatment that is such as Valtrex that is a preventative and reactive treatment as well.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must consult with your doctor before using this medication as the effects on the unborn baby and breast milk are unknown.
  • You may also not be suitable for this treatment if you have a history of kidney problems (decreased kidney function), uncontrolled liver problems or a severe galactose and/or lactase intolerance.
  • You should avoid taking antivirals such as Famvir whilst taking other antibiotics and antivirals, just in case they affect the efficiency. Always mention any other medications in your consultation.
  • To buy Famvir (famciclovir) online in the UK you must be over the age of 18 and diagnosed with the herpes virus.

    You will be required to complete an online medical consultation as part of the ordering process. Our doctors will use the information that you provide to determine whether this is a suitable treatment option for you. Please ensure that you include all the requested information about your medical history and any medications that you are currently taking.

Treatment Information
Product Name: Famvir
Active Ingredient(s): Famciclovir
Manufacturer: Novartis
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Men and women over 18 with genital warts, cold sores and shingles
Posology: Take 3 tablets per day for 5 days
Description: Famvir is an effective anti-viral medication that is effective at treating the visible symptoms of herpes simplex
Drug class: Antivirals
Alcohol consumption: Can possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
When breastfeeding: Can possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
When pregnant: Can possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
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