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Buy NuvaRing contraceptive ring online without a doctor's appointment

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NuvaRing is a contraceptive that offers women almost complete protection against pregnancy. It is a combined option containing both oestrogen and progestogen, working in the same way as the combined pill to be over 99% effective. The NuvaRing is the only vaginal ring available in the UK and is inserted just once a month.

You can buy NuvaRing online without a doctor's appointment in either a three month of six month supply. Select your required quantity and answer a few simple online medical questions to receive your treatment. We offer a range of fast and secure delivery options to ensure that you receive your medication as quickly as possible.

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How to buy NuvaRing online

You can buy NuvaRing online by selecting your desired quantity and answering a few simple online medical questions in the consultation. This is quick, taking approximately five minutes.

The vagina ring is available in a quantity of three rings or six rings, which last three months and six months respectively as you only need to insert the ring once a month.

Our doctors will assess your consultation to send a prescription straight to the pharmacy for dispatch. If you've forgotten to renew your contraception, we offer free next day delivery on all orders made before 4.30pm.

What is the NuvaRing?

The NuvaRing is a form of contraception that is over 99% effective. It may also be referred to as the vagina ring or vaginal ring and the contraceptive ring. It is a combined contraceptive meaning it contains both oestrogen and progestogen so works in exactly the same way as the combined pill without needing to remember daily. The NuvaRing is the only vagina ring available in the UK, it is easily inserted and only requires you to place one ring into the vagina once a month.

The NuvaRing is an unconventional form of contraception but has many benefits in comparison to other types of birth control:

  • It's nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy
  • Lighter manageable periods
  • Regulates your period to one time every month
  • Reduces PMS symptoms such as mood swings
  • Less cramps and discomfort during your period
  • You only need to insert one ring every month
  • Easier to remember than the combined or mini pill
  • Simple to insert (you won't feel the ring once it's in place)
  • Suitable for women who have trouble digesting contraceptive pills

The main advantage is its low maintenance. This is in contrast to most of the other hormonal contraceptive methods, which can have complicated treatment cycles and are often difficult to keep track of.

As it is not a pill, it does not need to be digested and so NuvaRing can be seen as an alternative for women who experience digestive or stomach related side effects from using pills. This contraceptive ring also contains a lower dose of oestrogen than many of the other combined pills. This makes it a possible alternative for women who may be sensitive to oestrogen but want to use a combined contraceptive rather than a progestogen only mini pill.

How does NuvaRing work?

The NuvaRing (contraceptive ring) is inserted once a month into the vagina to provide almost complete protection against pregnancy. NuvaRing is a combined contraceptive treatment that contains the active ingredients ethinylestradiol (oestrogen) and etonogestrel (progestogen). These are synthetic forms of the two main hormones that are involved in the female menstrual cycle. The presence of both of these hormones makes NuvaRing more effective than some of the progestogen-only mini pills.

NuvaRing releases the hormones it contains into the bloodstream instead of through swallowing a pill orally. It works to manipulate the female menstrual cycle and make conception almost completely impossible in exactly the same way that the combined pill. It does this by adjusting hormone levels that leads to ovulation and prepare the body to develop a fertilised egg. By changing the hormone levels, this contraceptive ring works in three separate ways to help prevent pregnancy.

  • One of the main functions of NuvaRing is that it makes the body believe that an egg has already been released in a process that is commonly referred to as ovulation. This has the effect of preventing this from happening in the first place.
  • It also thickens the mucus that is found in the cervix, making it incredibly difficult for any sperm cells to travel into the womb.
  • Finally, the change of hormone levels that this contraceptive ring causes alters the lining of the womb, which makes it difficult for any potential fertilised eggs to latch on and develop.

How do you use NuvaRing?

This contraceptive ring is very different to all other hormonal contraceptive methods in that it only needs to be replaced once per month. If you have not been using a hormonal contraceptive method, you should insert your first NuvaRing on the first day of your period, which will give you immediate protection. If you insert your first ring between day two and day five of your period, you will need to use a barrier contraceptive method for the following seven days.

  • Each NuvaRing is designed to be used for three weeks then removed.
  • After the three weeks, this is a seven-day rest period before the next contraceptive ring is inserted.
  • You may experience a withdrawal bleed during this period but you will still be protected.
  • You should insert the ring at the end of the seven days, even if you are still experiencing the withdrawal bleed.
  • Continue this cycle until you no longer wish to use the contraceptive ring.
  • You can use tampons whilst having the ring inserted.
  • The ring is designed to not be felt when having sex.

To insert the ring

  • You should squeeze it between your thumb and index finger so that the shape is vertical rather than circular.
  • Push the ring in with one finger until it feels comfortable.
  • The ring can be placed anywhere in the vagina and it will still work.

If you are currently using a hormonal contraceptive, you should speak to your doctor in regards to when to start your treatment and what other temporary precautions you may need to take.

To take out the ring

  • Lie down or squat in a comfortable position then insert one finger in the vagina.
  • Hook the ring out. This will not hurt.
  • Place the NuvaRing in the wrapper and put in the bin.

What if I forget the NuvaRing?

It will depend on the day that you forget to remove or reinsert the NuvaRing as to how protected you are from pregnancy.

If you forget to take out the ring but it is within the following seven days, you can take out the ring and continue the seven-day break as normal. You will still be protected against pregnancy.

If this is more than seven days, take the ring out and insert the new ring straight away. You should also use barrier contraception for the following seven days as you won't be fully protected.

If you forget to insert the ring after the seven-day break, you will need to use barrier contraception such as condoms for the following seven days. You cannot use the cap, diaphragm and contraceptive sponge with the vagina ring.

What if it comes out?

It is unlikely that the NuvaRing will come out, however, in the rare occurrence that it does, wash the ring in cool or lukewarm water and insert again. You will still be protected if you do this within the first 48 hours. If it has been longer, use condoms for the following seven days.

When you buy NuvaRing online at 121doc, you will be provided with a detailed patient leaflet, which will give you full instructions on how and when to use the contraceptive ring. You should refer to this document if you need further instructions. If you need any advice or assistance from our Medical team whilst you are using this treatment, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone, email or Live Chat.

NuvaRing Side Effects

NuvaRing has a lower dosage of oestrogen than some other combined contraceptives, so the risk of oestrogen related side effects is lower. As with all prescription medications, there is a risk of side effects in very rare cases. Possible symptoms can include abdominal pain, mood swings, headaches, breast tenderness and nausea. These symptoms are usually temporary in nature and should pass within a few days.

If you experience anything persistent that causes you significant discomfort, you should consult with your doctor or contact our customer support team.

NuvaRing Precautions

The NuvaRing is a widely used and well-researched hormonal contraceptive, which is well tolerated. It can be used by women who are over the age of 18 and who want to use a combined contraceptive treatment.

There are people who may not be suitable for the contraceptive ring due to current health conditions or medications that they are currently taking. You should not use NuvaRing if you allergic to the synthetic forms of oestrogen and progestogen that it contains. Also, you may not be suitable for this treatment if you have:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Circulatory issues or if you have a history of blood clots

If any of these apply to you, please consult with your doctor to find the right treatment option for you.

When you buy NuvaRing online at 121doc, you will need to complete a short medical questionnaire as part of the ordering process.Our doctors will use this information to determine whether the contraceptive ring is suitable for you to use. It is important that you complete this properly and include any medical conditions. Some medications can impact the effectiveness of this treatment, so please also include any medications that you are currently taking. If you need any assistance when placing your order, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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