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Period Delay Information

Delay your period safely

Having to put a day or an event on hold just because of your period is not something that any woman wants. Whether you are taking a trip, sitting an exam or planning a night of intimacy with your partner, there are methods available to prevent period symptoms. Postponing your menstruation cycle can either done by adjusting birth control usage or by taking a short course of Norethisterone, an ingredient used in certain oral contraceptives, that also works alone to help stop period symptoms.

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What is a period?

Your period is a common reference to a part of your menstruation cycle that occurs after ovulation. The menstruation cycle is usually a 28-day cycle that is worked out as being from the first day of the period to the day before the next one starts. Ordinarily beginning in the early teenage years, the four stages of the menstrual cycle are menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and then finally the luteal phase. Only in a few rare cases will a woman not experience periods, and despite it's sometimes being an uncomfortable or unwelcome experience, it is not considered to be an illness or necessarily a negative condition.

Period symptoms

The symptoms of a woman's period can vary considerably from month to month, and the severity of those symptoms often varies considerably from person to person as well. There are however a number of common symptoms that most women will experience at some point:

  • Fluid retention
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Bloating

Of course the most common symptoms of the period comes in the form of the monthly bleeding that occurs. As with the other symptom, the severity and frequency of this symptom can vary from person to person and from cycle to cycle.

Why stop your period?

There are a number of reasons that a woman might want to stop her period. It could be something as simple as an important meeting at work, or it could even be something as important as a wedding day. In any case, the most usual reason for delaying your period is likely to be to avoid the irritating – and potentially messy – symptoms that might otherwise spoil a day or event.

What options are available to delay my period?

The two options for delaying your period come in the form of prescription medication.

  • Delaying period symptoms with contraception - If you are already using oral contraception then it is possible to delay your period. If you are looking to do so, then it is often effective to simply keep taking your pill in the week where you would normally stop taking it. Of course, this option is only available if you are already using contraceptive medication. This form of period prevention has the added advantage of keeping you protected against pregnancy.
  • Delaying period symptoms with Norethisterone – Norethisterone is a treatment that is available to be used as a period preventer. Although it is not a form of contraception and should not be used as one, the treatment does contain certain ingredients and boasts certain qualities that make it an effective option for women who are not using oral contraceptives already.

How do period delay treatments work?

How your period delay treatment works depends on which method of prevention you are using. Norethisterone, though – which is technically the only available period prevention specific treatment – works by imitating the effects that natural hormones have on the body. Norethisterone, a synthetic hormone, is actually the active ingredient that allows this to happen. By maintaining the level of hormones in the body, the treatment is able to prevent the period from occurring.

Are there any downsides to delaying your period?

There is always a risk of side effects with any prescription medication; however there is nothing to suggest that delaying your period is going to have a negative effect on your health, or on your reproductive ability. When taking prescription medication, be it Norethisterone or a hormonal contraceptive, it is always advisable to read about any potential side effects, which can be found on the medications dedicated page where you will also find more in-depth information regarding usage.

Can I buy treatment online to delay my period?

If you are looking to delay your period for a specific time or event then you can purchase Norethisterone online from 121doc. You simply need to follow the link below to our medication page where you will have the option to complete a free, no-obligation medical consultation with one of our doctors. If the medication that you selected is found to be suitable for you the doctor will then forward a prescription to our UK pharmacy where your treatment will be checked and then discreetly packaged for free next day delivery.

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