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Buy Levitra (vardenafil) 5mg, 10mg and 20mg

  • Levitra (Vardenafil) 20mg film coated tablets
  • Levitra tablets and packaging
  • Levitra 20mg tablets
  • Levitra pack  - anti impotence pills
  • Levitra tablets and packaging
  • Levitra 20mg tablets
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Levitra has shown in clinical studies that it is a proven treatment for specific groups looking to achieve and sustain a stronger erection. Results showed that it is a safer choice than Viagra, especially for those who are diabetic, have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Additionally, men aged 50 and above can expect more positive results from this medication. A single Levitra tablet should be taken spontaneously before intercourse, and can begin to work within 15 - 30 minutes.

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How does Levitra work?

This treatment counteracts the effects of natural bodily enzymes that restrict blood flow to the penis, which stops the penis hardening. Through a complex chain of events, the drug allows the muscles in the penis to relax, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. This creates a firm erection.

Clinical studies have shown that over half of the people who did not experience positive results after taking Viagra were treated successfully with a course of Levitra.

This treatment works only if the user is capable of becoming sexually stimulated. Without stimulation the drug will not take effect.

Dosage information

Men over the age of 18 who find it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection for satisfactory intercourse can request a 5mg, 10mg or 20mg dosage. If this is your first time buying this drug the doctor may prescribe you the lowest dosage.

These tablets should not be taken if you have been prescribed alpha blockers for high blood pressure, certain heart arrhythmia medicines or nitrates. Please mention any other medications you may be taking during your online consultation before you order treatment.

How to take Levitra

Take a single tablet approximately 30-60 minutes prior to sexual activity. Swallow it whole with a glass of water. Leave plenty of time after a large meal before taking this medication, as fatty foods are prone to slowing the effects. If you're not able to avoid fatty foods then allow additional time after taking the pill for it to begin working. To achieve the best results and to avoid adverse effects, you should not exceed the recommended dosage of one tablet per 24 hours.

Men who struggle to swallow pills, have the option of using Levitra Orodispersible instead. The dissolvable tablet breaks up without water on the tongue, disintegrating instantly into the bloodstream. Simply dissolve one tablet 10-15 minutes before engaging in intercourse. Because it dissolves on the tongue, you do not need to take a tablet with water or at meal times.

Are there side effects?

Levitra remains in the body for no more than five hours, thereby decreasing the duration of potential side effects as compared to longer-lasting prescription treatments.

As with many prescription medications, it may cause side effects in a small number of users. Reported side effects include headaches, indigestion and facial flushing. Fortunately, these are minor irritations that usually cause users no serious or long-term discomfort.

Ordering Levitra online

All erectile dysfunction treatments displayed in the price table can be purchased online today with total discretion. From placing an order to receiving treatment, the entire process may take less than 24 hours. 121doc accepts payment by all major credit cards.

After selecting your treatment you will be asked to fill out an online medical questionnaire, set by one of our doctors. After one of our doctors has assessed the information in your consultation, he or she can conclude whether you are suitable for this treatment.

This method allows you to purchase Levitra in the UK safely and with discretion.

Ordering and shipping process

Each approved treatment is dispensed from our UK pharmacy within 24 hours of placing an order. Your medication will be transported by Royal Mail overnight delivery to your chosen postal address.

If you do not expect to be at your home address at the time of delivery, you can switch the address simply by calling or emailing 121doc Customer Supports.

How do I know if the medication I order is genuine?

121doc provides only genuine branded prescription medication. Levitra is easily identifiable by colour and shape with each pack clearly marked with the manufacturer Bayer's logo in black lettering. A pack contains light-orange film-coated tablets with the Bayer logo and dosage embedded on either side of the tablet. If you choose to buy Levitra online always check that the website has images of the packaging and the tablet up close so that you can be sure the medication is authentic.

It is illegal for any website or online clinic to sell genuine Levitra online without a doctor's authorisation, or to sell counterfeit medication. Always check the authenticity of the site before you buy online.

There are many sites claiming to sell genuine and authentic erectile dysfunction medication. For more information about them and the dangers of using counterfeit Viagra visit our blog.

Can I order Levitra online discreetly?

No, only the 121doctor and pharmacy will have access to your personal information when you buy online. The straightforward order process offers total discretion so that you can improve your condition without the fuss and embarrassment of visiting your doctor. The Customer Supports Team is on hand should you need to speak to a member of staff directly.

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Levitra 20mg tablets
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