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Erectile Dysfunction | Active ingredient(s): Avanafil | Manufacturer: Various

The recommended starting dose is 100mg.

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How does Spedra work?

The active ingredient in Spedra is avanafil, which is commonly referred to as a PDE-5 inhibitor. This means that it prevents the action of PDE-5, which is an enzyme that breaks down chemical messengers that are involved in sending the nervous signals required to achieve an erection. These messengers relax the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels found in the penis, which in turn increases the blood flow. By preventing the breaking down of these messengers, users of Spedra should find it easier to achieve and sustain an erection due to the increased blood flow. This medication will not make the user feel sexually aroused, so arousal is required for it to take effect.

What are the benefits?

The clinical trials for Spedra provided remarkable results. It has proved to be one of the fastest acting erectile dysfunction treatments currently available. During the trial phase, a significant proportion of men tested were able to engage in sexual activity within 15 minutes. Furthermore, the majority of men were able to engage in sexual activity within 45 minutes, which is when the medication reaches maximum effectiveness. As a relatively new treatment, Spedra also offers an alternative for men who may not be suitable for some of the existing ED treatments.

Who can use it?

Spedra is a well-researched and well-tolerated medication that can provide fast and effective relief for men experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, as with all prescription medications, there are men who may not be suitable for this treatment based on their medical history. You should not use this treatment if you suffer from severe liver or heart problems, or if you have low blood pressure. Avanafil can also interact with medications like nitrates and alpha-blockers. When you complete the online medical consultation, please ensure that you include full details about your medical history and any medications that you are currently using. Our doctors will use this information to determine whether Spedra is a suitable treatment option for you.

How do you use Spedra?

You should always follow the doctors instructions when you using this medication. The recommended dose of Spedra is 100mg, which is not to be taken more than once a day. If this dose proves to be ineffective, the doctor may recommend that you increase to the 200mg option.

Spedra can react with other medications, so please ensure that you include any medications that you are currently taking on the medical consultation. Our doctor may recommend that you adjust the dose or increase the amount of time required between doses. You should not exceed the recommended daily dose for avanafil, as this can increase the risk and severity of any side effects.

Whilst Spedra can take effect in as little as 15 minutes, the official instructions are that you take the pill 30 minutes before sexual activity. This medication can be taken with or without food, although taking it with food can increase the time required for the medication to take effect. You should swallow the pill with a full glass of water.

Dosage Information

Spedra is available in three different dosages – 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. Each of these has proven to be effective at combating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The normal recommended dose of avanafil is 100mg, although this can be increased to 200mg if the medication was not effective. If you have experienced side effects at 100mg, the doctor may recommend that you drop down to 50mg. The lower dose may also be recommended by the doctor based on either your medical history or medications that you are currently taking. Please ensure that you include full details about your medical history on the consultation so that our doctors can determine whether the dosage that you have selected is suitable.

Are there any side effects?

Spedra is a well-tolerated medication but, as with all prescription medication, there is a small risk of side effects in very rare cases. Possible symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, visual disturbances and nausea. Any symptoms should be temporary in nature but if you experience anything persistent that causes you discomfort, you should immediately consult with your doctor or contact our dedicated customer service team. The risk of these side effects can increase if you drink alcohol when using this medication, or if you exceed the recommended daily dose.

Preventing Spedra side effects

You should read the patient leaflet in full before using Spedra for the first time as it contains full and detailed instructions on how and when to use this treatment. Also, it is important to adhere to the following safety guidelines in order to best protect against possible side effects.

  • You should never exceed one Spedra tablet in a 24-hour period.
  • You should not drink alcohol with this treatment. Alcohol may result in a drop in your blood pressure, which can increase your chance of experiencing certain side effects like dizziness.
  • You should never exceed the recommended daily dose, as this can increase the risk of side effects occurring.
  • If you experience dizziness, you should lie down and wait for the symptoms to pass.
  • If you experience an erection for longer than four hours, you should immediately consult with your doctor.
  • Immediately stop taking this medication and consult with your doctor if you experience a partial or total loss of vision.

How to buy Spedra online?

You can buy Spedra online without a face-to-face doctor's appointment. However, like other treatments for erectile dysfunction, this medication is a prescription only treatment. This means that it is important for a doctor to review your details to ensure that this is a safe and suitable treatment for you to use. If you buy Spedra online, it is important that you use a licensed online pharmacy like 121doc. If you do not, you run the risk of being sold counterfeit medication that could be detrimental to your health. To receive your treatment, simply select your dosage and quantity requirements and move on to our partner medical consultation. This will be reviewed by our doctors, who will determine whether this is a suitable treatment option for you to use. If the order is approved, a prescription will be created and sent to our UK registered pharmacy for dispatch. We offer a range of fast and discreet delivery options to all of our customers at no extra cost. Orders for Spedra from the UK will be delivered via free next day delivery, depending on the address. Orders to the EU will be delivered within 1-2 working days via one of our express delivery services.

Erectile dysfunction differs from person to person so be sure you have the correct treatment for you. Take a look at the other ED treatments 121doc has to offer.

Note: You must complete a short online consultation so that our doctor can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. The above pricing should only be used as a reference. The final decision to issue this treatment lies with the prescribing doctor.


What is included in the online consultation?
Will a doctor review my consultation?
What happens after I submit my order?
Is the price all-inclusive?
Can I place more than one order at a time?
What are my delivery options?
Is it safe to buy prescription medication online?
How do I know which treatment is best for me?
Is this service discreet?
What is included in the online consultation?

Our consultations include general questions about your health (e.g. blood pressure levels, current and past conditions), as well as specific questions related to your selected treatment. We will also request relevant personal information to complete payment and delivery.

All questions are necessary, and your answers and details will not be shared with any third-parties. Only our doctors have access to your medical information.

Will a doctor review my consultation?

It is a legal and medical requirement that a doctor first reviews all completed consultations. We have a team of in-house doctors and specialists who will ensure your selected treatment is safe for your use. All information is stored securely and confidentially.

Please note, we do not guarantee that our doctors will approve treatment.

What happens after I submit my order?

Your consultation will be sent directly to our medical team, where it will be reviewed by one of our doctors.

If your chosen treatment is deemed suitable for your use, they will issue a prescription. Your prescription is then forwarded to our pharmacy, where your medication will be dispensed and dispatched for courier delivery.

Is the price all-inclusive?

Yes. All 121doc orders include a medical consultation, a prescription and next-day delivery. There are no additional costs. We believe in providing a safe and easy-to-use service.

Can I place more than one order at a time?

Yes. However, certain medications may negatively interact with each other. Our doctors may not approve your order on this basis.

You can place multiple items in one basket, and complete a consultation for all.

If you wish to place a second order for a different medication, you will have to complete a separate consultation.

What are my delivery options?

We offer several delivery options:

  • Next-day delivery
  • UPS Access Point - convenient parcel drop-off and collection near your home or work address
  • Nominated-day delivery - choose the most convenient day for delivery

All these options can be tracked and require a signature on delivery. If you are not available, a friend or relative can sign in your place.

None of these options will incur an additional charge.

Is it safe to buy prescription medication online?

To ensure you are purchasing from a reputable company, you should look to see their country’s regulatory bodies verify them.

In the UK, this is the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).Certificates can be viewed here.

How do I know which treatment is best for me?

Some treatments also offer the 'Advise Me' function. You will be asked questions about your lifestyle and needs, plus medical questions. You will then be presented with the advice of our doctors.

Is this service discreet?

Our patients’ privacy is of utmost importance. All your medical information is securely stored and only viewed by our doctors. We do not share your details with third-parties. We are also regularly inspected by various UK regulatory agencies, such as the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

All orders will only show on invoices, bank statements, etc. as ‘HHC Ltd’.


  Pack of 4 Viagra tablets, each containing 25mg of sildenafil and coated in a thin layer of filmCialis® 10mg tadalafil film-coated 4 tabletsCialis® 5mg tadalafil 28 film-coated tablets
ViagraCialisCialis Daily
Overview Most popularWeekend pillDaily pill
  Active ingredient(s)
Active ingredient(s) SildenafilTadalafilTadalafil
  Works in
Works in 30-60 min30-60 min3-5 days
Lasts 4 hours36 hoursContinuously
Features Fast-actingLong-lastingSpontaneous intercourse
  Side effects
Side effects Usually mildUsually mildLow risk
Alcohol CautionCautionCaution
  How to take
How to take 1 pill max a day1 pill max a dayDaily tablet
Price £39.99£54.99£99.99
View treatmentView treatmentView treatment

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