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Dr. Anju Verma
Dr. Anju Verma Prescribing Doctor

How does Levonelle work?

Despite its proven effectiveness in clinical trials, the exact way that Levonelle works is not entirely understood. It’s thought that it works by preventing ovulation and fertilisation, and by also altering the womb’s natural lining, depending on which stage of your menstrual cycle you are in. Levonelle will stop pregnancy from taking place; it will not be effective if you have already become pregnant.

It has been shown to be 95% effective during the first 24 hours after sex. Clinical trials have also shown that during hours 25 - 48 it is 85% effective, but this drops to 58% effectiveness during 49 - 72 hours after sex. This pill is safe for the vast majority of women to take and causes only mild side effects in some cases.

Dosage information

Levonelle contains a one pill dose with 1.5 milligrams of levonorgestrel, an artificial hormone that has been used in contraceptive pills for more than 35 years.

You are not advised to use this if you are allergic to levonorgestrel. You are also not recommended to take this medication if you have liver disease, or any disease of the gut or bowel which might cause malabsorption.

When you fill out your consultation, be sure to include any details regarding any medications you are taking. If you are taking medication for TB, HIV, epilepsy or fungal infections, or taking a herbal supplement containing St John’s Wort, then you may not be able to use the emergency contraceptive pill.

How to take Levonelle

You may take it at any time during your menstrual cycle. Take the tablet whole with water as soon as you can after unprotected sex. If you are using a regular form of contraception, you should continue to use it. You can only take emergency contraception once per menstrual cycle; we recommend using a barrier contraceptive, such as condom, until your next menstrual cycle to minimise the risk against unplanned pregnancy.

Are there side effects?

You might experience mild side effects after taking this emergency contraceptive, the most common being nausea. Less common side affects you could experience include breast tenderness, headaches, stomach pains, diarrhoea, dizziness and tiredness. You might have your period later after taking Levonelle, and could experience some spotting or bleeding before your next period.

Ordering Levonelle online

If you decide to buy this online at 121doc, you will need to answer a few medical questions. You can do this by filling in a short and confidential online consultation form. This form will then be checked by one of our doctors. If they decide that you are safe and suitable to take this medication, they will issue a prescription which will then be forwarded to our pharmacy. Your medication will then be dispatched for overnight delivery.Your medication will be delivered in a plain, unbranded padded envelope to ensure total discretion and that it arrives to you intact.

Treatment Information
Product Name: Levonelle
Active Ingredient(s): Levonorgestrel
Manufacturer: Bayer
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 1500 mcg
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Emergency contraception for women over 18
Posology: Take 1 tablet within 3 days of incident
Description: Levonelle is an emergency contraceptive pill that can help prevent pregnancy when taken within 3 days after unprotected sex
Drug class: Contraceptive patch
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives
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