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Anusol HC

Buy Anusol HC piles and haemorrhoids treatment online at 121doc

  • Pack of Anusol HC Suppositories and Anusol HC Ointment
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Dr. Sarah Donald
Dr. Sarah Donald Clinical Lead

Unfortunately Anugesic HC is currently unavailable to buy, but our online doctors can prescribe you Anusol HC as an alternative treatment. Anusol HC is a haemorrhoid cream which is used and effective in the same way as Anugesic HC, although there is a slight difference in ingredients. You can find out more about Anusol HC here.

How it works

One of the main ingredients in this treatment is hydrocotisone acitate and it's a corticosteroid, a natural type of steroid. It benefits recovery from haemorrhoids and minimises discomfort by preventing the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. This inflammation is usually the result of pressure that has been placed on the blood vessels in the back passage, which is why the actual causes of the initial irritation should be established. Normally it's related to constipation, so adding more fibre to your diet can be very beneficial.

Apart from steroids, Anusol-HC also contains bismuth oxide, bismuth subgallate, Peru balsam and Zinc oxide, which are all compounds known for their mild astringent and antiseptic effects. Astringents are also able to aid the shrinkage of inflamed and painful blood vessels to speed up recovery.

Who can use it?

Anusol-HC, although not recommended to be used by children, can be used by most adults. However, it is not advised if you have an allergy to the active ingredients in this treatment. You should also not use this medication if you have a bacterial, viral or fungal infection. If you are experiencing severe rectal bleeding or pain, you should speak to you doctor first, before attempting to use this.

Using Anusol-HC ointment or suppositories

This ointment is intended for the treatment of external as well as internal symptoms and can be applied rectally with the help of a special nozzle. The treatment should be applied twice a day after a bowel movement and shouldn't be continued for longer than seven days, unless you've been advised otherwise by your doctor. Similarly the suppositories should be inserted twice a day after a bowel movement, although this is mainly intended for haemorrhoids that have not prolapsed.

If you don't notice any improvement in your condition after using this for a few days, you should speak to your doctor who may have to do a physical examination.

The possible side effects

The side effects of this treatment aren't likely to be of a serious nature and may include rashes or irritation around the application area. These side effects shouldn't be persistent, but if they start bothering you or you develop anything more serious, you should seek immediate medical help and advice.

Buying Anusol-HC online

Anusol suppositories and ointment can be ordered safely from 121doc, however we ask all our patients to complete a confidential online consultation form when they place their order. This consultation will only be checked by our doctor who will provide a prescription if they feel that you can safely use this medication. This prescription will then be passed to our pharmacy, from where your order will be shipped directly to you with overnight delivery, at no additional charge. Visit our haemorrhoids treatment page for information on the available prescription medications we offer.

Treatment Information
Product Name: Anusol HC
Active Ingredient(s): Hydrocortisone Acetate
Manufacturer: Mcneil
Administration: Topical
Presentation: Pack
Available Dosage: 30 g, 33 mg
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Men and women over 18 with haemorrhoids
Posology: Apply cream (or insert suppositories) 2 times per day
Description: Anusol HC is an effective treatment for haemorrhoids that works to reduce the swelling associated with this condition
Drug class: Soothing preparation
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Studies have shown no affect, however contact your doctor for further advice
When pregnant: Studies have shown no affect, however contact your doctor for further advice
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