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Buy Seretide evohaler and accuhaler online to treat the symptoms of asthma

  • Pack of Seretide 250 Evohaler and Seretide 100 Accuhaler
  • Box of Seretide 100 Accuhaler containing inhalation powder of fluticasone propionate 100mcg and salmeterol 50mcg with 60 blisters
  • Pack of Seretide 250 Evohaler and Seretide 100 Accuhaler
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Dr. Sarah Donald
Dr. Sarah Donald Clinical Lead

How Seretide Evohaler and Accuhaler works

The Evohaler and Accuhaler both contain the same ingredients, which are fluticasone and salmeterol. There are some differences between the two methods of treatment - the Evohaler releases an aerosol version into the body whereas the Accuhaler is a lactose micro powder version.

Fluticasone, which is a steroid, stops the release of chemicals in the body that cause airways to become inflamed, making it difficult for a patient to breathe. Salmeterol is a long-acting bronchodilator that works to widen airways and reduce mucous. Please note that although salmeterol works in a similar way to Ventolin, a reliever inhaler should always be carried.

Patients that can use Seretide

Most patients with asthma can use it if it's been recommended to them by their doctor. You may be recommended the Evohaler if you have an allergy to lactose or if you generally find it easy to use an aerosol inhaler. While the Accuhaler may be more suitable for patients who can't use an aerosol inhaler due to a disability or because they are allergic to norflurane.

You also may have to take an adjusted dose of either of these medications if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, an over-active thyroid, low potassium levels or have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Please note that any asthma treatment will have to be taken under the strict supervision of a doctor to ensure that your condition remains under control.

Using Seretide

How a patient uses their inhaler will depend on their individual condition. Below is a general guideline of how a doctor would normally recommend the treatment be taken.

Seretide Evohaler

The Evohaler has the following doses available: 25mcg (salmeterol)/ 50mcg (fluticasone propionate), 25/125mcg and 25/250mcg. All these doses should be taken twice daily. Using it is easy and simply involves the patient pressing down on a canister to release a puff of medicated aerosol into their lungs while they inhale.

Seretide Accuhaler

The Accuhaler doses include: 25mcg (salmeterol)/ 100mcg (fluticasone propionate), 25 /250mcg and 25/500mcg, all to be taken twice a day. The Accuhaler dose is activated before it's inhaled and involves pulling a lever to pierce a blister pack with a micro powder dose of treatment. As soon as the blister is pierced the patient should bring the device to their mouth and inhale.

Side effects

Side effects won't affect everyone who uses the Seretide treatments, although they can occur. Luckily most of the common side effects are very mild and tend to be avoidable or can go away with time. These effects include: oral thrush and headaches. The risk of oral thrush can be greatly reduced by rinsing out the mouth after every use of the inhaler.

If any side effects become bothersome or anything more serious develops it's important to seek medical help promptly.

Buy Seritide online

You can order these inhalers online at 121doc with the help of our secure online consultation service. This forms part of our ordering process and will be reviewed by one of our doctors. Please note that you should only order the inhaler if you are already using it. Once our doctor has reviewed your consultation and a prescription is issued, your order will be dispensed and dispatched for free next day delivery right to your door. See to our asthma treatments for more information on the medications available for asthma and general information on the causes and symptoms.

Treatment Information
Product Name: Seretide
Active Ingredient(s): Fluticasone and Salmeterol
Manufacturer: Glaxo Smith Kline
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Inhalers
Available Dosage: 50 mcg, 100 mcg, 125 mcg, 250 mcg, 500 mcg
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Application: Men and women over 18 with asthma
Posology: Use on a daily basis to prevent asthma symptoms
Description: Seretide is an asthma inahler used to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring
Drug class: Beta2 agonists, long-acting/corticosteroids
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Caution is recommended, ask your doctor
When pregnant: Caution is recommended, ask your doctor
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