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How to delay ejaculation during sex

How to delay ejaculation

Men with premature ejaculation become erect for only a short while, before reaching early ejaculation before both they and their partner desire. To understand the condition fully, sufferers need to seek diagnosis from their doctor and be open about the problem with their partner to stand any chance of leading a healthy sex life. Remember you can delay ejaculation with the appropriate method of treatment. Prescription medication and non-medicinal treatments may be suggested to help users delay ejaculation for longer than usual.

How can I delay ejaculation for longer than usual?

To delay ejaculation in order to achieve longer lasting sex, the root cause of the problem must be unearthed. It may be a physical or psychological factor that's standing in your way; both of which can be treated in a separate manner. Your doctor may suggest therapy, couples counselling or a course of Priligy tablets to take prior to intercourse to help you delay ejaculation.

Can Priligy tablets delay ejaculation?

Priligy is the only prescription medication approved for treating PE. Swallowed whole 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, Priligy tablets interrupt the speed of the messages sent from your brain to your body telling you to ejaculate when erect. This action can successfully delay ejaculation; results from clinical trials have shown a single dosage can increase longevity by up to 200%.

Is using Priligy a safe way to delay ejaculation?

This delay ejaculation treatment is very well tolerated causing few side effects for users. A Priligy dosage should not be used by men who are 65 years or older, or be exceeded within 24 hours.

Reported side effects include: dizziness, nausea and headaches. In extremely rare cases users suffered from blurred vision, dilated pupils and high blood pressure. However, these effects are said to affect as few as 1% of users.

What other techniques can help delay ejaculation?

Prescription medications are not suited to everyone; your doctor is best placed to recommend a suitable alternative method of delaying ejaculation should you wish to explore other options. The squeeze exercise is something you can try during sex or masturbation to condition your body to prolong the time before you reach climax. Further self-help techniques such as the stop and start exercise can be practiced in the privacy of your own home, with or without your partner.

Counselling and couples therapy are ideas your doctor may put forward to help you delay ejaculation with discretion. The duration of these types of treatment is conditional on the severity of the sufferer's ejaculation problem.

Can I order Priligy to delay ejaculation today?

If you want to delay ejaculation and enjoy the benefit of longer lasting sex, place an order for Priligy today at 121doc. Ordering prescription treatment online is common these days; men use it for Viagra so why not for PE too. Approved orders take no longer than 24 hours to process, with medication being delivered in unmarked packaging to your chosen address. Visit our PE page where you can learn more about how to overcome your condition and our secure order process.

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