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Cialis Viagra Levitra Comparison

  • Viagra 100mg tablets
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  • Viagra 100mg tablets
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  • Viagra 100mg tablets
  • Cialis 20mg tablets
  • Viagra 100mg tablets
  • Levitra pack  - anti impotence pills

The deciding factors that influence a person's decision when choosing between Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are ultimately safety and dependability. You may also consider checking how each medication can be taken, when it should be taken and the risk of side effects during or after treatment before you make a purchase. This article attempts to shed light on these topics by weighing up the advantages of Cialis, Viagra and Levitra one by one. By offering clear, practical information on the aspects of these three brands of oral impotence treatment you can make an informed choice on how to tackle your impotence problem with medication.

Cialis, Viagra, Levitra – are they safe for me to use?

No prescription drug can be released for sale without authorisation from the FDA, (the Food and Drink Administration) the regulating body that has the final say on whether a medicinal aid is safe for public use. The manufacturers of Cialis, Viagra and Levitra have all had clearance from the FDA to market their products worldwide. The only legal way to obtain one of these genuine impotence drugs is to ask your doctor to write you a prescription or complete a medical consultation at an online clinic, such as 121doc.

Cialis, Viagra and Levitra – how do they work?

When reading about Cialis vs. Viagra vs. Levitra you will become familiar with the term PDE-5. It is a chemical compound that builds up within the body, restricting sufficient blood flow to the penis in impotent men. Cialis, Viagra and Levitra each work to inhibit PDE-5 by widening the vessels in your penis. This action allows blood to be trapped in the penis and harden, thereby causing a firm erection. The main difference in their mode of action is that Viagra and Levitra can achieve this for a limited amount of time, as each tablet has a life expectancy of 4-5 hours. Cialis however can last for up to 36 hours, you should be capable of getting a firmer erection at any time within this window providing you are aroused.

Cialis, Viagra, Levitra – when to take them

As shown in the comparison table below, each of the three drugs can be taken as and when you feel in the mood for sex, rather than on a fixed dosage schedule. Usually, these medications take affect within 30-60 minutes and can be used with or without water. When using Viagra or Levitra, no more than one tablet must be taken per 24 hours as this may heighten your risk of side effects. Men taking Cialis have greater flexibility and need only to take a tablet once every 36 hours, due to its longer lasting-effects.

Cialis, Viagra and Levitra – side effects and warnings

Another way to establish which medication is best suited to you is to consider the probability of side effects. The fact that Cialis, Viagra and Levitra affect the body is the same way means the amount and severity of side effects, if produced, will not be dissimilar. Some of the most commonly reported side effects include headache, facial flushing, stomach upset, and stuffy or runny nose. Before taking Cialis, Viagra or Levitra, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used.

Levitra vs. Cialis and Viagra – clinical trials

Levitra also shares similar side effects to Cialis and Viagra, but this medication is more suited to men with underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Levitra has been proven to work in men who have failed to respond to a Viagra dosage, it is also seen as a sensible second choice for those men who cannot use Cialis.

Cialis vs. Viagra vs. Levitra – ordering online at 121doc

It's important to choose the drug that you know is right for you and if for some reason these medications are not right for you then you can visit our ED treatment page for more impotence treatments. Cialis is quickly becoming the number one treatment for impotence as more men are seeking a trusted method of tackling impotence, such as Viagra but without such short-lived effects. If you too are thinking of obtaining a course of Cialis tablets you'll be happy to know there is a fast and convenient way to do so. Select a treatment from the price table below and take a free online medical consultation at 121doc. If approved by our partner doctor, your Cialis tablets may be delivered within just 24 hours.

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