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Appetite suppressants in the UK

The UK is awash with treatments claiming to be safe 'appetite suppressant supplements'; these come in the form of over the counter medications that can be purchased without a prescription. The concept of reducing hunger cravings has been popular, though unsafe, within the diet and slimming industry for some time. The logic is very simple - by suppressing appetite, the user will need to eat less, resulting in less meals and less snacking, which in turn results in weight loss.

Most appetite suppressant products available in the UK claim to work by increasing the production of serotonin in the body. This hormone is most known for regulating mood but it also is responsible for hunger. Due to the increased supply of serotonin, the body is tricked into thinking its full.

What are appetite suppressants?

This type of medication could once be separated into two separate groups: non-prescription and prescription. There is a range of over the counter treatments available in the UK that claim to reduce hunger and you can buy these appetite suppressants online or on the high street at health supplement retailers.

If a 'diet pill' does not need a prescription then there is absolutely no guarantee that the product actually works. There used to be a prescription appetite suppressant like this available called Reductil, but this was taken off the market due to a high risk of side effects and health complications.

Appetite suppressant side effects

Most weight loss treatments are only designed for use in the short term and should not be used as an alternative to a healthy diet or regular exercise. The issue that arises from the over the counter treatments are that their sale and use is completely unregulated, which leads to the potential for long-term abuse and the risk of quite severe side effects. It also means people using these treatments do not get the proper medical advice that they need.

Some possible side effects can include things like nausea and headaches. However, more alarming side effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure have caused alarm amongst the medical community.

Reductil, a medication that was previously available on prescription in the UK was discontinued due to the side effects it caused; it was proven over time to be unsafe, and many medical experts would urge patients not to use any form of appetite suppressant at all due to the risks associated with them. Indeed, as mentioned already, any appetite suppressant available in the UK is unregulated and could potentially cause risk to users.

Is Xenical an appetite suppressant?

Xenical works in a different way to the other weight loss treatments and is actually the only medication in the UK that is still available with a prescription. Rather than offering weight loss through a decreased appetite, it instead significantly reduces the amount of fat absorbed from meals.

Unlike the over the counter treatments that are available for weight loss, Xenical works locally within the digestive system and is minimally absorbed into the blood stream. Xenical, as opposed to appetite suppressants, is therefore a much safer option for anyone looking to lose weight.

How to buy appetite suppressants online?

Due to risk of health complications, prescription medication that reduces hunger has been removed from the market by UK regulatory bodies. Whilst non-prescription options are available, these are not regulated in any proper way and can produce dangerous side effects within the circulatory system. There is a prescription alternative to appetite suppressants, which offers safe and sustainable weight loss using a method that is localised to the digestive system. You can order this treatment online at 121doc by visiting the product page and completing an online medical consultation.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a common problem that can be effectively dealt with when a good diet and exercise regime is combined with a prescription weight loss treatment.

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