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Stop Smoking Tips

Just because you've tried to break your addiction to nicotine and haven't succeeded, doesn't mean you are not able to quit. There's no shame in giving up more than once, it happens to the majority of people who make a conscious decision to stop smoking. If you have fallen into a relapse after the first attempt at quitting maybe it's time you turned to other methods of smoking cessation to increase your chances of staying smoke free. The following stop smoking tips are here to start you on your journey to a longer, healthier life.

What's the first step to giving up cigarettes?

Deciding to stop smoking on the spot is something that people soon regret several hours after stubbing out their last cigarette. As nicotine cravings kick in a person can become irritable and agitated, and it can be difficult to distract yourself from the impact withdrawal symptoms have on your brain. The decision to quit is a serious commitment and must be treated as such.

The simplest way to begin a stop smoking plan is to choose a quit date and commit to it. Plan ahead to decide on the approach you will take when encountering a temptation situation, perhaps a lunch break or the pub after work that could prompt you to light a cigarette out of habit. To make it easier for you to reach your goal there are various stop smoking aids such as, nicotine patches, gum and prescription medication are all methods of smoking cessation to help you cope with the cravings.

Where can I find support?

Always remember that support and advice is just around the corner to get you through the most testing times during your quit plan.

People who struggle to stay smoke free can speak to an adviser at the NHS helpline or go to face-to-face meetings with other people who share the same experiences when quitting. Patches, gum and e-cigarettes are the most popular methods of giving up smoking, although they carry a low to moderate success rate over the long term. Champix is a prescription treatment that is clinically proven to offer better results than nicotine replacement therapy. This medication can be purchased online.

What happens if I start smoking again?

If you do have a momentary lapse of judgement and light up a cigarette, try to stop smoking straight away, even if it means throwing away the rest of the packet. Take your mind off the situation by engaging in conversation, chewing gum or playing with a stress ball to keep your hands busy. It's important to remember that one mistake doesn't mean you have to start over again. Continue your stop smoking plan as before.

Can I purchase stop smoking treatment online?

Yes, stop smoking medication is easily accessible online if you're not able to obtain other smoking cessation methods first hand. 121doc provides a medication called Champix, which can help you stop smoking in as short as 12 weeks. To find out more about this oral prescription treatment, visit the Champix product page at 121doc, where you can read more about the benefits of this medication or buy Champix online with next day delivery.

Stop Smoking

Cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals. Frequently inhaling nicotine smoke invites the risk of serious, sometimes fatal illnesses, including many types of cancer.

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