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Quit Smoking Side Effects

It's no secret that smoking cigarettes can lead to long-term nicotine addiction, which in turn, leads to long-term and sometimes fatal illness and disease. Quitting while you have the chance offers you numerous health benefits and add years to your life. When a person stops smoking, more often than not, they experience symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, such as anxiety and irritability. These withdrawal symptoms are also known as quit-smoking side effects, and should be addressed to help people who have recently quit stand a better chance of living smoke free.

What types of quit-smoking side effects should I expect?

From the moment you stub out your 'last' cigarette your resistance towards nicotine may be tested by a variation of psychologically induced quit smoking side effects, such as anger, anxiety, depression, impatience, insomnia and restlessness. Research into quit smoking side effects points out that such behavioural changes within the body peak within the first week and last 2-4 weeks after quitting.

Giving up smoking affects all people differently, and although ex-smokers have reported other quit-smoking side effects, such as constipation, cough, dizziness, and mouth ulcers, there is no evidence that such complaints affect all people who attempt to stop smoking. Other infrequent quit-smoking side effects that have been reported include: drowsiness, fatigue, flu symptoms and headache.

Common quit-smoking side effects: depression

If you have a family history of psychological disorders, such as depression, you may find that the condition returns as a result of quitting smoking. This may not affect all people who quit, but it can be particularly common in women, as depression is more common among women than among men. Nicotine-free treatment that acts within the brain may be unsuitable for people with a history of psychological disorders.

Common quit-smoking side effects: weight gain

Unfortunately, some people who manage to successfully stop smoking can put on weight suddenly and unexpectedly. This after-effect can pressure a person into taking up smoking again, because a short-term physical transformation distracts from the fact that you'll live longer and healthier by breaking your nicotine addiction.

It is not fully understood why quit smoking side effects, such as weight gain happen however, experts believe it may be due to nicotine's capability to suppress appetite, which is caused by its effect on the brain. Another hypothesis is that smokers have increased metabolism than non-smokers. A heavy smoker can to burn 200 calories per day more than a non-smokers consuming the same meal.

Benefits of quitting smoking

The probability of weight gain and depression as quit smoking side effects should not deter a person from wanting to give up smoking altogether. There is evidence that kicking the habit for the last time not only makes you stronger and fitter to deal with illness and disease, but extends life expectancy to for many years. A recent UK study showed that people who stopped smoking before they reached 30 years of age lived almost as long as those who never smoked. Even if you are in your sixties you can still add three years of healthy life by quitting straight away.

What's the next step?

To prevent the risk of quit-smoking side effects when giving up cigarettes you can use nicotine-free medication, such as Champix. Rather than feeding the body a gradual, albeit decreasing supply of nicotine, Champix helps you quit by lessening the pleasure gained from inhaling cigarette smoke and reducing withdrawal effects. The 121doc online clinic offers genuine branded Champix treatment with next day delivery.

Stop Smoking

Cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals. Frequently inhaling nicotine smoke invites the risk of serious, sometimes fatal illnesses, including many types of cancer.

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