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Buy Zocor (simvastatin) online to treat the symptoms of high cholesterol

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Zocor is a medication known as a statin. These medications are highly effective at lowering high cholesterol to help avoid serious health complications. Health risks faced by patients with this condition include atherosclerosis and stroke, to name a few. Zocor, just like other statins, works to lower cholesterol by reducing the production of LDL ('bad cholesterol') in the liver and has been known to show an overall fall in the level of triglycerides (lipids) present in the blood.

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How Zocor works

Zocor's main function is to inhibit liver enzymes from causing the production of cholesterol from the fats we consume. If this treatment is taken alongside a diet that is low in saturated fat this can be extremely effective and prevent further build-up of fatty plaque that can lead to atherosclerosis, a condition that carries with it a risk of severe circulatory problems.

Zocor has also been known to help control overall blood lipid content and enhance the levels of good cholesterol, which means that more cholesterol is being taken to the liver to be broken down rather than simply moving towards cells.

Patients that can benefit from using Zocor

The lowering of high cholesterol usually first involves lifestyle changes which may include an increase in exercise and dietary improvements. However, if these methods prove to be unsuccessful or a patient's health is at serious risk, statins are usually a good option to use in conjunction with a more balanced lifestyle.

Statins can be safely taken by most patients, but it should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; patients with liver or kidney problems or if there is an existing allergy to the statin or any similar treatment. It's important to ensure that you mention to your doctor if you start taking any new treatments while on this medication to ensure that there isn't a risk of contraindications.

Taking Zocor

Statins such as Zocor only need to be taken once a day, ideally in the evenings. This is because most of the body's cholesterol is produced at night and will ensure the most targeted treatment is provided. Most doctors will start a patient off on the lower dose, which will then be increased as required.

Statins should not be consumed with grapefruit as this may influence how the body absorbs the drug. Excessive alcohol intake is also not advised.

Side effects of Zocor

Side effects are rare, but they are a possibility, just like with any type of prescription medication. However, statins have been around for many years and the benefits of this treatment have been found to outweigh the risks to patients in most cases.

Common side effects may include headaches, nausea, insomnia or dizziness, however these are likely to pass as the body starts to adjust to the treatment. Should these side effects persist or you experience anything more serious, which may include severe muscle aches or an allergic reaction, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Buying Zocor online

Here at 121doc we understand the importance of convenient healthcare, which is why we provide patients who are already using Zocor or any other statin, with the chance to order their treatment online. The process is simple and safe and only requires you to complete a quick and confidential consultation form when going through the ordering process. Once your order has been completed, our doctor will review your consultation and approve a prescription, if they feel this medication is right for you. If your order is not approved, you will not be charged for the consultation or medication. All orders are shipped free of charge for next day delivery.

121doc has a variety of medications available to treat the symptoms of high cholesterol with the help of a healthy lifestyle. For more information on high cholesterol, the symptoms and available treatments visit the high cholesterol condition page.

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