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High Cholesterol Medication

High Cholesterol Symptoms and Causes

High cholesterol is considered a condition rather than a disease, and it affects around 6% of adults in the UK. Cholesterol in itself is not inherently bad, in fact it is required by the body in order to function correctly. However there is a difference between high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or 'good' cholesterol) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL, the type which in excess can cause serious medical problems).

Most people only become aware that they suffer from high levels of LDL when they suffer from complications or if a doctor specifically tests for it. It is important to reduce your cholesterol if you are diagnosed with high levels, as it can lead to dangerous consequences such as atherosclerosis, which is a narrowing of the arteries, increasing the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

In most cases this condition is reversible and can be treated through lifestyle changes, more physical exercise and a healthier diet low in saturated fat. However, statin medication is sometimes needed alongside these lifestyle changes.

Dr. Sarah Donald
Dr. Sarah Donald Clinical Lead

Available Treatment(s)

Pack of 28 Crestor 5mg rosuvastatin film-coated tablets
Crestor 4.9(30 Reviews)
  • Lowers LDL as well as triglyceride levels in the blood
  • Reduces the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis and other complications
  • Branded version of Rosuvastatin
More Info
Prices start from £114.99
Pack of 28 Atorvastatin 10mg film-coated tablets
Atorvastatin 4.9(58 Reviews)
  • Proven to significantly reduce a patient's risk of stroke or heart attacks
  • Lowers 'bad cholesterol' as well as triglycerides in the blood
  • Only needs to be taken once a day
More Info
Prices start from £69.99
Pack of 28 Lescol 40mg fluvastatin capsules
Lescol 4.8(5 Reviews)
  • Reduces cholesterol production by the liver
  • Can enhance patient quality of life
  • Generic version of fluvastatin
More Info
Prices start from £99.99
Pack of 28 Simvastatin 20mg film-coated tablets
Simvastatin 4.8(43 Reviews)
  • Helps lower the levels of bad cholesterol
  • Available in different doses to ensure its effectiveness
  • Limits the risk of cardiovascular disease
More Info
Prices start from £29.99
Pack of 28 Fluvastatin 20mg hard capsules
  • Lowers high cholesterol
  • Reduces patient risk of cardiovascular complications
  • Branded version known as Lescol
More Info
Prices start from £39.99
Pack of 28 Zocor 10mg simvastatin film-coated tablets
Zocor 4.9(42 Reviews)
  • A proven way to lower high cholesterol
  • Lowers the overall lipid content in blood to reduce patient risk of cardiovascular problems
  • Also available in a generic version: Simvastatin
More Info
Prices start from £119.99
Pack of 28 Lipostat 20mg pravastatin sodium tablets
  • Works in the liver where cholesterol is produced
  • Lowers cholesterol and reduces patient risk of serious complications
  • Branded version of the generic medication Pravastatin
More Info
Calendar pack of Pravastatin Sodium 10mg oral tablets
Pravastatin 5(11 Reviews)
  • Can lower LDL to avoid plaque build-up in arteries
  • Influences LDL levels as well as triglycerides
  • Is the generic version of Lipostat
More Info
Prices start from £34.99
Calendar pack of 28 Lipitor 10mg atorvastatin tablets
Lipitor 4.9(15 Reviews)
  • Monitors the production of LDL and triglycerides by the liver
  • Reduces a patients risks of cardiovascular disease
  • Contains active ingredient atorvastatin
More Info
Prices start from £99.99

What causes this condition?

There are a number of factors which may contribute to someone having high levels of LDL. These include a diet high in saturated fat, with an excess of red meat, processed food and full-fat dairy products. Obesity or a lack of exercise can also be a cause, as can familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), which is a genetic disorder which causes higher levels independently of lifestyle. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels can also be increased by excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. While narrowing of the arteries is more likely to occur with age in everybody, men are statistically more prone to high levels than pre-menopausal women.

What are the different types of cholesterol?

The reason why cholesterol is sometimes categorised into 'good' and 'bad', is because we all need certain levels of lipids (fatty substances which comprise cholesterol) in our blood stream in order to produce certain hormones. It is transported through the bloodstream through proteins, which when combined with cholesterol is known as a lipoprotein.

There are two types of lipoproteins. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) carries the cholesterol from the cells to the liver, where it is broken down and passes through the body. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) carries it from the liver to the cells. The problem is that when the cells don't need to use all the cholesterol in the blood stream, it will build a wall in the arteries leading to poor circulation which can cause heart attack and stroke.

Do I need to lower my cholesterol?

If your doctor has conducted a blood test and concluded that your levels of cholesterol are high, it is important that you lower it in order to avoid any further complications.

If it begins to store in the arterial walls, it will restrict the flow of blood to your heart, brain and other organs, increasing your chances of blood clots, coronary heart disease, angina or stroke.

How do I lower my cholesterol?

There are two main ways in which it can be lowered: through lifestyle changes and prescription medication. Lifestyle changes are usually the first option and can be highly effective in lowering levels of LDL. However, for many cases medication should be used in conjunction with lifestyle changes.

Patients who are overweight will be advised to lose weight through a healthy diet and increased exercise regime. These changes can also apply to patients of a healthy weight who lead a sedentary lifestyle or eat a lot of saturated fats. In addition, you will be advised to limit your alcohol intake and avoid smoking.

In addition to these changes, certain statin medications are often prescribed to people with high levels of LDL or cardiovascular disease when lifestyle changes alone fail to reverse the condition. Some of the most common statins include Simvastatin, Fluvastatin and Atorvastatin.

Can I buy cholesterol medication online?

121doc is able to prescribe statins (medication to lower LDL levels) to patients whose cholesterol has been diagnosed as high and for whom lifestyle changes alone have failed to help with the condition.

You will need to complete an online consultation so that medical professionals can ensure that the medication you have selected will be safe and effective for you. You will then be issued a prescription and your order will arrive within 24 hours thanks to our free overnight delivery system.

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