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Xmas calorie count - part 1

Posted in Weight Loss 29 Nov, 2010

How did Christmas come around so soon? The decorations are already in shop windows and festive street lights are on show. Now comes the planning; who deserves a present this year, and where on earth can I buy it from are 2 questions we’ll be stressing over next month. A great treat that everyone can appreciate regardless of age, gender or humbug factor is the advent calendar. Chocolate puts a smile on all our faces. Especially when we know there’s a small piece waiting for us each day leading up to Christmas.

But there’s one thing manufacturers don’t mention with this annual sugar treat: calorie count. Regardless of whether you have a Shrek or a Star Trek advent calendar, always limit yourself to opening one window per day and not scoffing the lot in a single go. When reading about weight loss tips or watching obesity programs on television, the experts always stress everything, treats included, is ok in moderation. Realising your calendar is empty by day 3 is a sure sign that you need to employ some self-restraint if you’re going to make it through the festive period without putting on the pounds.

What’s the worst that can happen..? How about ending up like Father Christmas after a heavy meal. Obesity is not something that happens overnight, but small habits such as picking can increase the risk of serious weight gain in the long-term. To find out more about weight loss tips and obesity diet plans visit our information page.

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