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Reasons Why You're Constantly Hungry

Posted in Weight Loss 23 Jul, 2015

I'm starving. In fact I'm always starving. It's not like I build up an appetite working in the fields all day. I work from home, in front of a computer. I burn few calories yet I'm always thinking about food.

If you feel the same, here are some reasons why.

Your period is due

Sorry guys, this one is for the laydeez. Changes in hormones before and during your period, and after your period can make you hungry. You can't help it; it really is your hormones!


Yes, water is boring. Yes, chocolate is amazing. But after you've eaten that chocolate you will remain hungry because you're probably dehydrated. The hypothalamus regulates both hunger and thirst urges. When you're dehydrated it gets confused. Try drinking a glass of water when you are hungry and see if it goes away.

You are not sleeping enough

Ghrelin levels rise and leptin level decrease when you don't get your 7-8 hours sleep. Ghrelin increases your hunger, and leptin tells you you're full. When they get out of line you are doomed. You know what to do. Turn off Mock The Week and get some shut-eye.

Sugar spikes

I wish sugar did have spikes, because then I wouldn't eat so much. The science is that when you eat starchy carbs such as pastry (doughnuts, mmm) sugar levels in your blood shoot up, making you feel great, but then crash out faster than an Englishman at Wimbledon. This leaves you wanting more doughnuts. And so on.

Stress levels

When your body is stressed it believes you need energy to fight or escape. What better way to get energy than from food! Who hasn't rooted out loads of small change to feed the vending machine after a difficult phone call? Worse luck if this happens in the morning, because then you're stuck in that sugar spike vortex again.

Food for thought

I bet you're getting hungry whilst reading this? That's because your brain is thinking about food. We are constantly blitzed with food adverts and our friends don't help when they post lunch pictures on Facebook (I know you're not going to eat that kale salad Jo, it looks like something the dog brought up, so stop showing off).

Eating too fast

I don't know about you but I can inhale 3 Chunky Kit Kats in under 2 minutes. Then I'm still hungry. That's because my brain hasn't yet registered I've eaten anything. Eat your food slowly and you'll feel full. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realise you are full up. How can it take my brain two seconds to realise 50 Shades Of Grey is crap but 20 minutes to grasp that I'm full?


On a serious note, some illness and infections can make you ravenous. For example, tapeworms, bipolar disorder, hyperthyroidism and even Diabetes can stimulate the appetite. If you are always hungry and the tricks above don't help, you need to get some medical advice.

If you are currently suffering from Diabetes, we have medication that can help tend to your condition. We offer diabetes type 2 medication such as metformin which helps control your blood sugar levels and helps the your body respond to the low levels of insulin that it's producing. Visit our diabetes page for more information and advice.

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