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Exercise Saves Lives... So Why Don't We Do It?

Posted in Weight Loss 03 Aug, 2015

Exercise, urgh. I hate workouts, I hate sweating. I'm one of those people that avoids a gym like the plague even though I know exercise will save me from obesity and make me a much healthier person.

So why don't I go? It's because of time pressures at the moment, but before I had a child? Well. That was laziness.

It's not just me, though. As a nation we are not great at getting off our butts and working out. I know this because the National Office of Statistics has released some figures to shame us.

Here are some of the stats for you:

  • - The recommended physical activity amount is 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity a week.

  • - 67% of men meet it and 55% of women.

  • - Physical activity generally decreases as men get older but women peak at age 35-45 and then decrease.

  • - The South East exercises most: North West the least.

  • - The highest income bracket for both sexes exercises the most.

I Haven't Got Time

Ask your friends if they have any spare time and the answer is likely to be 'not much'.

Work is hectic; families absorb time like a sponge takes on sea water. Our hobbies take last place, lucky you if your hobby is exercise-related like cycling, but what about the knitters out there?

Is it possible to find exercise time? Can you walk to work or go for a brisk 30 minute walk after the kids are in bed? You may find it's possible if you really want it, after all you find time to waste on eBay don't you?

I'm Lazy

Laziness is a difficult barrier to overcome. Some people seem to have so much more energy, but give exercise a go and you may find that you are one of those people too. If you want to get fit but think you'll wimp out, team up with a friend. Fear of letting someone down is a real motivator.

I wonder if laziness is simply our unwillingness to get uncomfortable. After a long day working and a crappy commute home, the last thing you want to do is exercise. That X Files box set in your onesie is much more appealing and comforting than a jog in the icy rain.

I'm Embarrassed

Wobbly bum in your jogging bottoms? Me too! Don't worry about it, it'll soon go. Temporary embarrassment in exchange for abs and revealing summer vests is totally worth it.

It's Boring

The gym is a place of eternal boredom, much like a golf course. Unless you update your iPod every day, that sinking feeling will appear pretty soon. Try to find an exercise that doesn't involve the gym, such as playing a team sport, Zumba (great fun, barely anyone is coordinated) or even a martial art - that one might also save your life one day.

On the weekends go walking with the family. Play football with your kids or swim with your partner. Even moshing it up on the dance floor of Reflex on a Saturday night is exercise.

However if you are still struggling for motivation to get fit or to lose weight, visit our weight loss page, which offers further information on the main causes of why you gain weight, how you safely lose weight and what prescription weight loss treatment is available. You can buy Xenical online with us to help deal with your weight. This type of medication absorbs up to 30% of your daily fat intake. Ensure to visit the Xenical page to see the effects of the drug.

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