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What’s wrong with being obese?

Posted in Weight Loss 03 Nov, 2010

Apart from the social pressure and body image issues being overweight may cause, science tells us that obesity is extremely unhealthy and significantly shortens life expectancy. Obesity facts highlight how serious this health condition really is, and that seeking weight loss advice from healthcare professionals is not just desirable but essential for healthy living. Before you disregard any medical facts, take a look at the list of health problems below caused by this ever-growing health problem.

  • High blood pressure: A serious risk factor for heart disease.
  • High cholesterol: High levels of LDL cholesterol are associated with arterial blockage, a hardening and narrowing of the arteries.
  • Type 2 diabetes Insulin resistance caused by obesity opens the door to a series of possible complications, including kidney disease and limb amputation.
  • Heart disease: Ongoing damage to the heart and circulatory systemfrom being overweight creates a series of related conditions. These can include heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.
  • Some forms of cancer: Obesity disrupts hormones, raising oestrogen and insulin. The effects of this can include prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Defeating obesity

Xenical may be of interest to you to help you lose excess weight. Studies show that this prescription treatment is more beneficial than all other slimming and weight loss pills available. To learn more health problems caused by this condition visit our weight loss page.

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