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5 reasons your weight loss plan is failing

Posted in Weight Loss 12 Jan, 2012

Does your waistline still measure the same, even after strict dieting and rigorous exercise? If your body is refusing to shed the extra pounds despite hard work then it may be lifestyle factors that are having a negative impact on your body. Here is a list of things you never knew stood between you and weight loss:


Improper hydration can be one of the reasons behind the failure of your weight loss program. Water is not only an excellent appetite suppressant, but it also speeds up metabolism, making you burn off calories better. Replace cups of coffee, sugary drinks and soda with water and see the effects on your waistline.

Carry a water bottle with you and sip small amounts continuously throughout the day. It allows the organs to retain water in healthy doses, which is required for cleansing and elimination functions.


Tension leads to weigh loss. Is that what you have believed till now? Actually, quite the contrary is true. Stress can be a reason why you find it hard to lose weight. Abdominal fat is directly proportional to anxiety/stress. During excessive stress, the body tends to release a high level of cortisol, a hormone responsible for storing fat.

With more cortisol in the body, cravings for unhealthy food increase, causing emotional eating. When stressed, try meditation, one of the best ways to calm your mind.


Hay fever or any other allergy can have an unpleasant side effect on your waistline. Antihistamines that are used to combat allergic reaction generally increase appetite. So, the more doses of antihistamines you take, the more you are likely to eat.

If you have an allergy, avoid using a lot of antihistamines and try home remedies to cure your allergy.

Lack of sleep

You love late night parties, right? But, you might be unaware that it is making you gain extra pounds. Weight gain is one of the common effects of lack of sleep because a sleep deprived body produces lowers levels of leptin, a protein that controls appetite. The lower the level of leptin, the more you tend to eat, leading to weight gain. Get proper sleep for around 7 to 8 hours and improve your chances of weight loss.

Your relationship

Having someone special in your life is a reason to jump for joy, but if the waistline is ever-increasing you will have to draw the line with a certain set of creature comforts. A tendency to opt for the easy life is a recipe for weight problems; it is basic neglect of all things proactive. So, instead of candlelit dinners and cuddling up on the sofa, share the workload, try jogging together or hit the gym.

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