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What diet plans are backed by science?

Posted in Weight Loss 07 Apr, 2015

There are countless diet plans that promise users fast and long-term weight loss. These range from slimming shakes to meticulously counting the calories of each meal.

This has left many people confused about which plan to follow, especially given the vast differences between them. If you have found yourself confused about what diet plan will provide the best results then fear not, help is now at hand.

A recent study has looked at some of the most popular diet plans and claims to establish which of these will provide the most effective weight loss in the long term, and it has provided some surprising results.

Most of the well-known diet plans that researchers looked at were found to offer no tangible benefit to users than simply dieting on their own. Some were even found to be potentially harmful.

One important factor that the scientists looked at was the long-term results that adhering to these diet plans could provide. This metric was the crucial downfall of most diet plans in the study. Whilst some could offer short-term weight loss gains, there was no real long-term weight loss benefit.

The scientists at 'John Hopkins University' initially looked at almost 4200 individual studies into the effectiveness of specific diet plans. However, due to the lack of clinically certified studies into some plans, they focussed on 11 well-known diet plans.

Only a few of the plans managed to stand up to the scrutiny of science, with researchers able to find both short and long term weight loss benefits. The plans that proved to be most effective in this regard were Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Atkins.

Researchers were keen to stress that when choosing the right diet plan, its important to consider the long-term weight loss benefits. Jeanne Clark M.D, co-author of the study, stated 'we want people to experience the health benefits of weight loss – but those benefits are long-term goals. That's why it's important to look at weight loss at twelve months and beyond.'

For guidance on slimming pills and losing weight our partner Medical experts have highlighted some of the important factors to be aware of to make sure that you are doing it properly.

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