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The social smoker

Posted in Smoking 16 Mar, 2011

Here, standing in its element outside a pub, we see the social smoker... a common breed in this urban jungle... watch as they extend their arm... inhale tobacco-infused smoke... and then continue their conversation... a cycle they repeat each night. The social smoker never lights up when alone.

Sound like a familiar creature? We all know social smokers; people who insist that they aren’t addicted to smoking, but just have the occasional puff when out with friends.

The problem is that this social habit can soon spiral towards a full-blown addiction!!

Countless people who try to give up smoking fall by the wayside because they find it hard to say No to cigarettes when they’re out and about.

Doctors say a helpful tactic for social smokers can be to find a replacement – either a nicotine gum or an electronic cigarette that contains some nicotine. Replacing cigarettes with these options, you’re far more likely to give up.

The prescription medication Champix has also helped smokers to give up their habit.

Remember that giving up smoking is mostly mind over matter!! If you can break mental habits like going for a social smoke, you’ll break the addiction, too.

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