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No smoking signs: false economy?

Posted in Smoking 06 May, 2011

Researchers from Oxford University have stated this week that 'No Smoking' signs can actually have the opposite effect than is intended.

They argue that seeing a 'No Smoking' sign simply brings cigarettes to a smokers' mind - in the same way that telling someone not to think about a pink elephant will make them do the complete opposite.

It's not just the boffs at Oxford Uni who believe this - apparently an American study backs them up!

So should bars, restaurants and the like remove their signs? While they may be tempted after hearing about these researchers' claims, they can rest assured that thanks to legislation passed in the UK in 2007, no smokers can legally light up in public, indoor places. If someone ignores the 'No Smoking' signs that are present in their premises, they can simply call the police!

Smokers should see this period after the smoking ban as an ideal time to give up the habit. Smoking is not only detrimental to your health, but the health of those around you too, not to mention financially detrimental.

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