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Obama advisor quit smoking using Champix

Posted in Smoking 30 Mar, 2011

It can’t be easy being the president of the most powerful country in the world. But despite the new strain he was under last year, Barack Obama decided he would once and for all give up his long-term smoking habit. Using celery sticks and nicotine gum, the US president managed to wean himself off cigarettes.

Another motivating factor, according to ABC News, was Marvin Nicholson: the president’s trip advisor and golf partner. Obama apparently used to nick cigarettes off Nicholson when they were out on the course. Then Nicholson decided he was going to quit smoking – just a few weeks before the president did.

So how did Nicholson quit? He quit by using the prescription smoking cessation medication Champix. This treatment alters the way that the brain reacts to cigarettes. Users do not get the same level of enjoyment from smoking as they would usually, helping them to lose interest in the habit. Judging from the ABC News report you could say that Champix played a role in helping President Obama to give up smoking.

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