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Many pregnant women resume smoking post-birth

Posted in Smoking 04 Apr, 2016

It's a well-known fact that smoking is harmful not only for smokers, but also anyone else around them. This is especially true for pregnant women, who are carrying a new life inside. Mothers who...Read more

Smoking Bans Associated With Reduction In Smoking And Smoking-Related Illness

Posted in Smoking 10 Mar, 2016

When the UK smoking ban for enclosed public spaces came into effect a decade ago, it was hailed as a monumental step forward for public health. After progressive legislative restrictions over the...Read more

The Quit Smoking Timeline

Posted in Smoking 02 Mar, 2016

No matter how long you've been smoking, no matter how old you are – it's never too late to quit. Cigarettes do cause permanent damage, but once you quit, some of smoking's long-term effects...Read more

Stop Smoking Aids

Posted in Smoking 01 Feb, 2016

Millions of people in the UK try to stop smoking each year, but that doesn't mean that quitting has become easy. It is true that there are many stop-smoking aids available to those who are...Read more

Five Worst Excuses That Prevent You From Quitting Smoking

Posted in Smoking 17 Jan, 2016

There are lots of reasons to quit smoking. However, despite all this, many people who smoke habitually cannot always find the willpower to do so, and it can often be found that they fall upon the...Read more


Posted in Smoking 30 Dec, 2015

Zyban is one of two prescription treatments available to help people quit smoking. Both Zyban and its main competitor, Champix , are nicotine-free smoking aids, which work by lessening the...Read more