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Spread love, not herpes

Posted in Sexual Health 19 Nov, 2010

Hey folks, Christmas is just around the corner. I hope you’re excited as we are. Plenty of friends to visit, parties to attend and drinking to be done by all. One thing to remember, for those who get a little carried away under the mistletoe at the office party or when out on the town, is that the rate of sexually transmitted infections always rises around the festive season. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital herpes are among the main culprits and can be passed on easily through close physical contact with someone who has active symptoms.

What many sexually active adults don’t realise is that symptoms, especially those of genital herpes, can remain dormant for months on end. At any point such symptoms can erupt allowing sexually transmitted diseases and infections to spread easily between partners. STIs are nasty interruptions which can be avoided if you take precautions when having sex. We always recommend using a barrier form of contraceptive such as a condom to reduce the risk of catching or passing on an STI.

If you know that you have an STI or suspect your partner has genital herpes visit your local GUM clinic as soon as possible. We understand it’s not always convenient to make an appointment and announce such problems to a doctor. For these reasons we also suggest using genuine branded medication to contain and eliminate the problem. Genital herpes treatment can take care of an infection in just 24 hours. Find out how by visiting our genital herpes page.

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