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Eat These Foods For Better Sex

Posted in Sexual Health 07 May, 2015

If you're a woman looking to spice things up in the bedroom, look no further than your diet. There are an abundance of foods available that can put you in the right mood for intimacy with your partner, and many of them are fantastic for reproductive health too.


This summer fruit is high in phytonutrients. A 2008 study suggested that compounds found within watermelon can help relax blood vessels, increasing blood flow and boosting sexual arousal in much the same way erectile dysfunction treatments do.


If you're feeling low, try eating a banana for a boost of B vitamins and to enhance the feel-good factor. Bananas are excellent sources of Vitamin B6, which can aid in the production of sex hormones, and are also rich in bufotenine, an alkaline compound that can improve mood and confidence. This can make you feel more happy and self-assured, increasing the desire for physical intimacy.

Chili Peppers

Spicy food like chili peppers contain capsaicin, which can improve blood circulation and stimulate the nerve endings in the body, contributing to sexual arousal. The next time you're looking to get frisky between the sheets, try adding some spice to your stir-fry.


These fruits are a good source of antioxidants, protein, potassium and amino acid, all of which can help improve your stamina in the bedroom. They also contain plenty of iron, which is essential for healthy eggs and ovulation.


These sweet fruits are packed full of vitamin C, which studies show can boost arousal by maintaining and building blood vessels within the body. Research suggests they may also reduce infertility. Try slicing some peaches and adding them to cereal, yoghurt, or enjoy them on their own.

Maca Root

This plant, native to central Peru, has been cultivated for 3000 years and its fatty acids and amino acids are often used for a variety of health benefits. Maca root may increase the libido and fertility in both men and women, while boosting the immune system and providing essential minerals and vitamins, including iron and iodine, that are excellent for reproductive health.


Wakame Seaweed is native to Japan and filled with a rich compound known as fucoxanthin that can help to burn fatty tissue. Seaweed is also an excellent source of iodine and dietary fibre, which contributes to overall female reproductive health. Try adding some seaweed to your favourite stir-fry or soup for variety and flavour.


Beans and legumes are a healthy and lean source of protein that can help to increase fertility and your libido. Beans are high in iron and this is important for treating anemia or iron deficiency. Beans are also excellent at helping you to stay feeling full, meaning they can aid in weight loss. They can also control blood sugar levels and may even reduce cancer risk. Try adding beans to soups, stews and curries for a hearty and healthy meal.

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