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Does FSD exist?

Posted in Sexual Health 03 May, 2011

From newspaper journalists, to doctors, to the film maker Liz Canner, there are lots of people asking "does female sexual dysfunction exist?" at the moment.

Believers say the condition is characterised by a consistent lack of interest in sex. Women who are going through, or have gone through, menopause are thought to represent most FSD sufferers.

There is clinical evidence that FSD is a definable condition and many doctors subscribe to this view. However, there is also a great deal of scepticism out there as to whether FSD exists. Liz Canner's film 'Orgasm Inc.' was a prime example of this viewpoint: it interviews experts who say there is little evidence that FSD is anything more than a disease made up by drug companies in order to sell their treatments.

Part of the problem is that FSD isn't easily defined. It's entirely different in this respect to its male equivalent - erectile dysfunction. When a man has erectile dysfunction there is a tangible, visible signal that this is the case. Not so with FSD.

While FSD may be hard to define, this doesn't mean that it does not exist. Many health professionals say we should keep an open mind and consider the facts, as they emerge.

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