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Top tips for treating premature ejaculation

Posted in Premature Ejaculation 09 Dec, 2010

No, it's not distracting yourself by chanting the Arsenal line-up in your head neither is it imagining your mother-in-law in her birthday suit (most certainly a mood killer). It's surprising that premature ejaculation is so often overshadowed by erectile dysfunction, or impotence, another common male sexual disorder. Although erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men in the UK it's not as problematic as PE, which studies show occurs in 20-30% of the male population. Treatment can be performed by you or your partner and doesn't necessarily warrant a trip to the sex therapist's office.

The list below uncovers the top PE tips for men who want to last longer during sex and prefer not to use prescription medication to delay ejaculation.

The stop and start technique - stopping all stimulation before it's too late. You can remove your penis from your partner then resume thrusting after 30 seconds.

Deep breathing - breathing deeply and relaxing your body during sex works best for premature ejaculation that is caused by anxiety or tension.

The squeeze technique - gently squeeze the base or end of your penile shaft until the urge to climax passes. This exercise can be performed during sex by you or your partner.

Wear a condom - a condom can help reduce the sensation and thus prolong sex as well as being a good practice against sexually transmitted diseases.

Try different sexual positions - changing positions every so often can help prolong time before climax.

Delay cream – you can buy desensitising cream, which works by lessening the sensation felt during intercourse. Although the numbing sensation is said to also inhibit pleasure derived from intercourse.

You can learn more about tips at our premature ejaculation condition page. We can also provide Priligy, a prescription medication or put you in touch with a qualified doctor.

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