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Tamiflu 1 – 0 Influenza

Posted in Influenza 02 Dec, 2010

The Russian swans warned us weeks ago to expect a sudden drop in temperature but we were far too occupied with the X Factor results to take notice. I for one suffered an early bout of flu before I had chance to armour my body with tablets. By the looks of things I wasn’t alone; half the crowds who turned up at football grounds across the country this weekend were layered up but the uninformed minority who wore t-shirts and sleeveless tops will be paying for it this morning. And those unfortunate enough to be sharing a house or workplace with flu carriers will also be exposed to the influenza virus. Cue coughs, sneezes, aches and pains..

Even if you do wrap up warm on the terraces this winter, flu may find a sneaky way to attack your immune system and slow you down for a day or two. Fortunately those thick striped woolly football scarves are back in fashion. Nip down to the club shop or merchandise stand outside the ground to pick one up. Not only will you be advocating your team but shielding yourself from the onslaught of fierce wintery wind and cold that’s predicted this winter.

Another sure-fire way to make sure influenza won’t stand a chance this season is by taking anti-viral medication before you get sick. Available on prescription, Tamiflu can keep you flu-free, even when in close contact with infected people. Result!

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