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No need for the flu jab this winter

Posted in Influenza 11 Nov, 2010

From spiders to great heights to the dentist, we each have an irrational fear that rears its ugly head in certain situations throughout our lives. These phobias are harmless, but none-the-less; they can cause severe emotional distress when you have to face them head-on.

This winter many people in the UK will have a choice whether to overcome one such irrational fear. Needles, although scary, can make the difference between good health and suffering; by having the flu vaccination you are protected from the influenza virus and can stay fitter and healthier in the cold winter months. Each year flu kills around 4,000 people in the UK. People who don’t want the jab because they are afraid of needles risk their health every time the virus infects someone they share a close proximity with. And as the weather makes a turn for the worse the chances of you catching the flu are higher. Wearing a woolly scarf and hat can only offer limited protection, but what other options do you have if you can’t stand needles?

Tamiflu is the alternative solution for those most at risk of influenza symptoms that prefer not to have the flu jab. You can buy Tamiflu online from the comfort of your own home or office to help you stay one step ahead of influenza. It's an oral medication that dissolves easily; not only is Tamiflu a preventative treatment but it can also reduce influenza symptoms by 1-2 days. You’ll appreciate this benefit when it's time to prepare for Monday’s morning meeting or when it’s your turn to pick the kids up from school.

This winter: stay healthy, be prepared, use Tamiflu.

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