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Swine Flu Symptoms and Treatments

Posted in Influenza 10 Jan, 2016

Swine flu is viral infection caused by the H1N1 strain of the flu virus. It is so named because this particular influenza virus carries certain structural similarities to a flu virus that...Read more

Fresh concerns emerge over the new flu strain

Posted in Influenza 12 Jan, 2012

You might know of doctors advising patients to take the influenza vaccine every year. Have you ever wondered why doctors stress on the annual flu shot? The reason behind their advice is the...Read more

Tamiflu 1 – 0 Influenza

Posted in Influenza 02 Dec, 2010

Another sure-fire way to make sure influenza won’t stand a chance this season is by taking anti-viral medication before you get sick.Read more

No need for the flu jab this winter

Posted in Influenza 11 Nov, 2010

From spiders to great heights to the dentist, we each have an irrational fear that rears its ugly head in certain situation throughout our lives. These phobias are harmless, but none-the-less; they...Read more

The ABC of influenza

Posted in Influenza 04 Nov, 2010

Every year thousands of unsuspecting people in the UK catch the flu. It’s the main reason for seasonal bouts of sneezing and coughing and aches and pains that last for days at a time.Read more