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Posted in Industry News 12 Oct, 2011

121doc continues to spread its wings online by collaborating with highly regarded websites in the UK health sector. Just recently, Lose That Tyre, a blog made popular for its health tips and user interaction agreed to publish an article written by senior 121doc staff member Toby Sandford.

The article, which is entitled ‘7 Ways To Improve Your Health’ sheds light on 7 of the most undervalued life-enrichment techniques, all of which are proven to help people live a longer, healthier existence. 121doc discussing how making simple, subtle reassessments, such as drinking more water, staying active and controlling breathing can promote a host of necessary long-term benefits.

This is a short extract from the article:

“Despite Thomas Edison’s claim that sleep is a waste of time, today’s scientists will tell you otherwise. Although the reason why getting plenty of sleep regularly is not set in stone experts firmly believe it plays a significant role in brain development. Popular theories assert that sleep allows us to retain normal levels of cognitive skills such as speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking.

“If we don’t allow the body 7-8 hours sleep per night the outcome is a negative effect on emotional and physical health. Sleep deprivation can lead to disorders, such as sleep apnoea and potentially increase the risk of obesity in some people.”

For the full article head over to Lose That Tyre.

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