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Are Health Apps Pointless For The Healthy?

Posted in Industry News 04 Jun, 2015

Wearables, ehealth technologies and apps are all out there vying for our attention and promising to improve our health. There are useful pieces of kit available that can remind people to take medication, monitor weight loss or wirelessly measure their blood pressure.

But what about the health tech aimed solely at people who are well? Do these gadgets actually help fit and healthy people to stay that way?

Gimmicky nonsense?

Everyone likes to be up-to-date. We all compare smart phones, tablets and every other piece of internet-bound kit we can buy, so if your colleague has a health app, then why not you? Because it's a gimmick, that's why. If you aren't ill why are you thinking about being ill? It's keeping up with the Jones's on a whole new techie level.

Worrying about nothing will make you ill

Are we being trapped in a consumer cycle? Once you start monitoring your health there's no escape, a bit like doing the same lotto numbers each week. You took your eye off the health app and died. Samsung and Apple must be wetting their pants at our addiction to their pointless products. I hope no-one invents an app that says 'breath in, breath out' or the health app addicts will really be in trouble.

But health monitoring is the future...

Think about all the stuff you could do instead of monitoring your perfectly healthy body! Use the time to call a friend for an actual conversation using your vocal chords, or spend the money on something worthwhile, like a charity bending over backwards to help people and animals that really are in trouble. I know many people agree with me. Smartwatch sales are slow, because people can see through the hype.

What happened to listening to our own bodies?

Relying on a piece of technology to tell us if we are ill is stupid. You have senses, you know if you are ill, so keep the money. We are becoming far too helpless. Paranoid in the extreme, we can't even trust ourselves. Reliance on technology when perfectly well is not healthy.

What happens when the power goes off?

When our population gets so huge that we can't power our world, how will we survive when we don't know if we are ill or not without technological interference?

For the chronically ill, no doubt health apps are a great support mechanism, but reliance on technology such as wearables when you are perfectly well brings no health benefits that I can see. They are a pointless, gimmicky, scaremongering waste of time and money.

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