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High Cholesterol Affects 1 in 5 American Children

Posted in Industry News 16 Jan, 2016

Our estranged colonial brethren across the sea have a somewhat unflattering image abroad. Unfortunately one of them, the idea that many Americans are obese, may be more grounded in fact than many...Read more

Breast Cancer Drug too Expensive for NHS, Says NICE

Posted in Industry News 14 Jan, 2016

The National Health Service is one of the main points of pride for the modern Briton. The fact that any person, regardless of their financial circumstances, can walk into a hospital and...Read more

Danish Researchers Offer New Insights into Human Cells

Posted in Industry News 13 Jan, 2016

It's often said that science's greatest quality is that it's never quite as fixed as other disciplines. Whereas religion and law are bound in some sense to past precedent and practise, science...Read more

New Pharmaceutical Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise

Posted in Industry News 12 Jan, 2016

New Pharmaceutical Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise Alzheimer's disease is one of the main risks that come with old age. About one in six people over the age of eighty will develop it, and annual...Read more

When Influenza Strikes – Surviving the 'Flu

Posted in Industry News 07 Jan, 2016

In its most basic form, influenza – more commonly known by its abbreviation as the ' flu or flu – is a viral disease spread by coughs and sneezes. It's superficially similar to the cold...Read more

Are Health Apps Pointless For The Healthy?

Posted in Industry News 04 Jun, 2015

Wearables, ehealth technologies and apps are all out there vying for our attention and promising to improve our health. There are useful pieces of kit available that can remind people to take...Read more