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Where has all my hair gone?

Posted in Hair Loss 05 Nov, 2010

Many men ask themselves this question every day once they notice loose hairs collecting in the sink basin and on their pillow each morning. The answer is androgenic alopecia, which in plain English translates to male pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men. There are other forms of hair loss too, which include alopecia areata, the loss of some head hair; alopecia totalis, the loss of all head hair; and the most extreme form; alopecia universalis, in which all body hair is lost.

How long do I have to suffer?

The good news is that male hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. It can take up to 5 years before you lose your locks to male pattern baldness. Here are the common symptoms you need to look out for:

Stage 1: Typically the hair begins to recede at the front, and at the same time thins on the top of the head.

Stage 2: A bald patch gradually develops on the top of the scalp, whilst the front thins.

Stage 3: Eventually these patches join, leaving a larger bald patch.

What can be done?

Hair loss treatment can help to stop baldness by encouraging the regrowth of healthy hair. Male hair loss treatment can even be used by men who are already going through these stages and want to reverse the process.

Male hair loss treatment is available from most reputable online clinics. Propecia, a clinically proven treatment for male pattern baldness can be used to stimulate follicles so that hair grows at a natural pace.

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