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The seven stages of male pattern baldness

Posted in Hair Loss 26 Nov, 2010

Let’s face facts; if your family has a history of male pattern baldness by the time you reach thirty you will experience the tell-tale signs of this common male condition. That shouldn’t leave you worried about how your physical appearance will change over the coming years as sufferers have more treatment options available than ever before. If hairs are loosening and shedding from your scalp unfortunately the process has already begun. But fear not, you too can use treatment to counteract male hair loss causes.

Male pattern baldness has a chart to indicate how severe your condition is; it’s called the Hamilton Norwood scale and was initially created by Dr. James Hamilton back in the 50s and then revised by Dr. O' Tar Norwood in the 70s. Let’s take a closer look at the seven stages below.

With stage 1 indicating a full head of hair, you will notice initial symptoms such as minimal recession of your hairline in the front or the side of your scalp. You may also notice a small thinning circle in the crown area. In stage 3 the bald spot grows larger and you experience some frontal thinning. Then at stage 4 the frontal region almost reaches to the top of your head. The symptoms worsen in stage 5 with more hair loosening and shedding until stage 6 when the entire top of the head becomes visible. After the hair at the top of the head completely disappears, hair at the side and back of your head may fall out too.

Finasteride, a well known medicine used in Propecia, is a treatment used to fight the 7 stages of male pattern baldness. Please visit to read more about hair loss causes and finasteride

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