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Hair Loss Treatment in the Works, Presents New Hope for Captain Picard Look-Alikes

Posted in Hair Loss 18 Jan, 2016

Baldness is one of the things about being a man many wish they could do without. By the time they hit their mid-thirties, around 40% (2/5s) of men will have suffered from noticeable baldness. By the time they're in their sixties, it jumps up to 65%. Women don't get off lightly either, half will experience some form of hair loss themselves at some point in their lives. Most people believe that hair loss is one of those sad inevitable things about life, and that there isn't a lot that can be done about it.

While there exist numerous home remedies for preventing hair loss, they work about as well as you would expect. The multitude of people who resort to such treatment in desperation are often left wanting, and if it does produce results they're very much the exception rather than the rule.

However research being conducted elsewhere may yield very promising results.

Growth of New Treatment

Previously the only thing people suffering from hair loss could do was find a way to further prevent it from getting worse, rather than reversing it. Many online pharmacy companies, such as 121doc for example, offer prescription medicines such as propecia finasteride to try and combat hair loss. However while it's highly effective in prevent further balding, it does very little to restore that is already lost. For those who can't access this treatment immediately, it may seem like too little too late.

So you can imagine how great the interest is surrounding Dr Angela M. Christiano and her colleagues latest development in not just stopping hair loss, but reversing it too.

Published in the online edition of Science Advances, the study demonstrates that by inhibiting certain enzymes within hair follicles, it's possible to reignite them and start a new wave of hair growth. The science behind it works thus. Essentially the enzymes in question, part of the Janus kinase (JAK) family, were responsible for switching hair follicles into a "dormant" state, which stopped hair from growing again. By ingesting certain drugs that inhibited these enzymes, or by applying them directly to the skin, it was found that it could promote extensive new hair growth.

Experiments conducted on mice and human hair follicles have already shown very promising results, and those on the project are eager to see how far this new treatment can take them. Two such JAK inhibitor drugs have already been released onto the market, under the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Before you start thanking the gods of hair, however, do keep in mind that nothing as definitive as a cure for male pattern boldness has actually been declared. Yet. While promising, no one on the researching team wants to elicit false hope by calling it a cure.

"More work needs to be tone to test formulations of JAK inhibitors specifically made for the scalp to determine whether they can induce hair growth in humans," states Dr Christianio.

Ways to Prevent Baldness

Until further results can be brought to light, the best thing to do for now is take as much care of your hair as possible. Careless treatment of your hair can damage it and the follicles, leading to swifter hair loss than you may otherwise experience. By ensuring that you treat it with care, you can prolong the healthy, luscious look you expect from it for many years to come. There are several things that are known to damage hair and promote baldness.

  • Blow drying hair. It dries it out and makes it brittle. Instead let your hair air dry, and avoid drying it too roughly with a towel as this can damage the follicles.
  • Bleaching and dyes. Again, this can kill your hair and leave it very fragile and prone to falling it out. Over bleaching or dying your hair is something you should therefore avoid.
  • Pulling your hair into tight buns. Manbuns have been known to cause further hair loss, as they tug at the hair follicles and cause damage to them. As such, however much in fashion they may be, try a looser hairstyle. Likewise, avoid elastic bands when tying back your hair. Use scrunchies and bobbles instead.
  • Show care when brushing and combing. Make sure you buy a good quality hair brush and comb when grooming your hair. While grooming as your hair is drying makes it a little easier to style, keep in mind that your hair is more vulnerable when drying too. Use caution.

Our health consultants have put together some great advice on how to prevent hair loss. Alternatively there is prescription medication to help slow this down. Propecia is a prescription medication which can be brought safely and discreetly from 121doc.

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