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What good is silence?

Posted in General Health 17 Mar, 2011

“Enjoy the silence,” sang Depeche Mode in their famous number one single. Probably everyone can empathise with those lyrics – peace and quiet can certainly be blissful. But... it’s also true that silence can also be painful. Particularly if we have a problem, but we try to hide that problem from the rest of the world. Thus is the unfortunate scenario that many men with premature ejaculation fall into.

Every man comes too fast during sex sometimes. When it happens each time, then that’s premature ejaculation. It’s a very common problem – affecting one in three men – but few are willing to talk about it.

So talking about premature ejaculation can be embarrassing. But what’s the worst that can happen?

If your partner really loves you, they will understand. And your doctor will be completely unfazed. They may even offer you treatment, such as the prescription medication Priligy, which has been shown in clinical trials to prolong ejaculation during sex by up to three times.

The bottom line is that, sure, sometimes, silence is golden. But when it comes to premature ejaculation (or any medical problem for that matter), suffering in silence is never a good idea.

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