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Things You Probably Don't Know About Vaginas

Posted in General Health 26 Aug, 2015

Vaginas. We love 'em.

They have been a popular conversation topic for all time. Stone Age men used to worship them, and those Ancient Greek and Mesopotamian sculptures focus on vaginas far too often for it to be coincidence.

Although we've been thinking about our private parts since time began, we still don't know much about them. Using them we have no problem with, but understanding them is a bit different. Here are some pop-tastic vagina facts to educate you.


The vagina has 8000 nerve endings. That's twice as many as a penis. Women are sensitive creatures, it's true. So why do so many men fail to make a vagina work properly? There are twice as many nerve endings; so surely it should be twice as easy as making a penis do its thing? Sort it out guys!

Sharks and vagina have the same natural lubricant called squalene. Beware penises! Only joking, vaginas don't bite, not yet anyway. Although some African anti-rape devices that fit into the vagina do. Be afraid, rapists.

The highest number of orgasms achieved by a woman in one hour is 134. The male record holder achieved a paltry 16. Must try harder, literally harder…

Vaginas have a self-cleaning mechanism. Bless them; they know how hard we ladies have to work, so they do the cleaning themselves. If only teenagers were more like vaginas. (You are welcome for that image).

The word vagina sort of translates in Latin as 'sword holder'. I bet a man made that up.

The inside walls of a vagina are pleated like an umbrella. She can expand and contract depending on the task required of her. Getting turned on expands the walls (here's hoping), as does giving birth. Polar opposites creating the same affect. Amazing.

Your vagina can fall out. I'll let you digest that for a second... Ok, if you have a prolapse, perhaps brought on by a particularly tricky birth, your vagina can fall forward and even out of your body. It won't fall out completely and hit the floor whilst you're shopping in Tesco though, it'll just protrude through the vaginal opening. There's a simple procedure to get it back again, so try not to panic.

Your vagina has the same pH level as a glass of wine. Vaginal PH is 3.8 to 4.5, whereas a bottle of red has a PH of 3.0 to 4.0. I knew there was a healthy reason why I feel so great after drinking some wine. My vagina enjoys it.

'Vagina like a wizard's sleeve' or 'bin-liner vagina' cannot be caused by too much sex. Besides, a looser vagina is needed for penetration.

Your vagina is a hero. She doesn't deserve men criticising her tightness or looks. She's the reason everyone exists on this planet.


Wow. No wonder Stone Age man worshipped vaginas. We should all worship vaginas. I'll email the Pope - once he reads this blog he'll agree, no questions asked.

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