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Sunday Roast Secrets

Posted in General Health 16 Nov, 2010

Sunday is a special day for us Brits. There’s nothing quite like a roast dinner with friends or family to see out the week. Whether it’s cooking for 2 or preparing a feast for the masses, this traditional dish is perfect for filling stomachs and putting smiles on faces. The only problem with a Sunday roast is the fat content, which on average can amount to 950kcals and 70g fat.

That's more than three-quarters of the recommended daily allowance of both for women. But fear not friends, there is a way to cut the fat and keep the taste. And it doesn’t involve trimming the fat off the meat before cooking and all of it afterwards. Experts will tell you this trick cuts up to 80kcals per portion and 9g of fat, but where’s the fun in that? The whole point of eating a roast dinner is to savour the entire meal.

Xenical orlistat is a weight loss aid that works within the digestive system. You can take Xenical over the long-term to regulate body weight and stay one step ahead of cellulite. Xenical blocks up to 1 third of fat content from meals from being absorbed by your body. It’s ideal if you enjoy such delights as a traditional Sunday roast but want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle too. These oral tablets are usually prescribed to adults with a high body mass index.

If you want to find out your body mass index you can take our confidential online consultation after choosing your Xenical dosage. Or to find out more about this weight loss treatment.

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