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Could Strictly Come Dancing rescue Britain from looming obesity crisis?

Posted in General Health 15 Dec, 2011

The UK is set to face its biggest challenge yet as official government statistics reveal that by 2025 over one third of women and almost one half of men will be obese. Weight loss continues to remain at the centre of public health discussion as figures from a 2008 study showed almost a quarter of men and women were obese, reports 121doc.

What remains to be discovered is whether people will wake up to the dangers of the impending obesity crisis and take action to improve their chances of weight loss and weight management. The solution may be influenced by the popularity and participation in lifestyle trends and how this impacts on healthy living.

Ballroom dancing is now one of the fastest growing pastimes in the UK partly due to the mainstream BBC television show Strictly Come Dancing. TV critics have hailed the prime time show as a successful blend of old-fashioned values and captivating modern-day family entertainment.

Health experts recommend performing aerobic workouts, such as ballroom dancing for healthy living since it works the entire body, helping to burn calories and facilitate weight loss.

Ballroom dancing also improves bloodflow to the body’s vital organs, in addition to boosting energy levels and strengthening bones. Taking up dance classes is an opportunity for people of all ages to stay active and suppress the potential difficulties that arise from lack of exercise.

TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing rarely have the power to subconsciously motivate people to change their lifestyle, however in this case watching or performing ballroom routines can be the difference between a healthier life and the prospect of weight problems and its associated health risks.

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