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Protect Yourself Against Vascular Disease

Posted in General Health 01 Sep, 2015

Hey! Put that down, pull up your trousers and pay attention. September is Vascular Disease Awareness Month - that's a whole month rather than a day or a week. That must mean it's important right? Well, yes it is. Without a properly functioning vascular system you are up the creek and no joke.

What Is Vascular Disease?

It's when your veins and arteries are weak and inflamed, and your blood vessels get full of fatty deposits. Not scared yet? OK how about this...

It takes a long time for the fatty deposits to build up, it can be symptomless for years until the veins and arteries become so damaged that the blood can't make its way through to your organs and muscles. This causes lack of mobility, pain, and death of your tissues.

It's a precursor to heart-attack, stroke and amputation.

What Are The Symptoms?

You might get an ache in your legs when you exercise which disappears when you rest. Here are some others:

Ulcers on the legs
Shiny skin
Muscle wastage
Hair loss on feet and legs
Changing skin colour on legs

Some symptoms mean you need to get some medical help quickly as the blood supply is severely restricted. These are:

Loss of sensation
Pus filled ulcers
Constant leg pain
Gangrene - pus-filled black skin.


What Causes It?

As you age your arteries harden - that's just the aging process. It's hereditary too, but you can speed things up and land yourself with vascular disease by doing these things.



Smoking is the cause of many illnesses and bad things. No good ever came from smoking - vascular disease included. It's really not cool any more either - like a 50 year old man wearing Converse.

Developing Diabetes

Insulin damages the arteries. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes must be controlled or it can cause vascular disease. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to severe restriction of the leg arteries and lead to amputation. I'm not kidding even a little bit. Find out more about diabetes type 2 medication available to you if you currently suffer from the condition.

High Cholesterol

An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking alcohol to excess can all lead to high cholesterol. This causes fatty deposits to clog up your arteries and block them, causing those vascular problems. For more information about all symptoms, visit our high cholesterol page, providing helpful guidance about the condition and how our high cholesterol medication to help you in the long term.

Developing High Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is too high it dials the arteries up to full rev like a teenager on their first moped. Constant stress raises blood pressure, as does a lack of exercise and a rubbish diet.


How Can You Avoid Vascular Disease?

Pay more attention to your lifestyle. Don't make like George Osborne, preaching austerity whilst feasting on swan and lighting cigars with a £50 note (probably). Practise what you know is right. Eat low fat and low sugar meals, take regular exercise and don't smoke. Keep an eye on your blood pressure and talk to your doctor if you notice any symptoms. You've got one body, so take care of it. They don't sell these marvellous creations at Carphone Warehouse, you know.

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