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Let's Be Positive About Periods!

Posted in General Health 15 Jul, 2015

Here's a novelty for you, it's rarer than rocking horse poo but far more interesting - a blog about why periods are great. I know!

Periods have always been a taboo subject. The school nurse came and lectured us, the boys tried to stay in the room to find out what was going on. Sanitary products are discreetly wrapped, but why the big secret? Periods are a normal part of life.

Partying Too Hard

Remember your partying days when you cried with relief every month when your period arrived? I thought so. Getting your period when you've been drinking, having a great time and a fair amount of sex is amazing. You've probably danced around the bathroom with your knickers around your ankles in pure relief. Don't backstab your old friend now.


Granted, periods may arrive at the most irritating and inconvenient time, but not always. I remember the time I was 14 and I got my period ten days early. This meant I didn't have a period when I was abroad for the first time without my family and expected to sail around on a white yacht with no toilet. Amazing.

It Means You're Healthy

A regular period means your body is functioning as it should. A period gone AWOL doesn't just mean pregnancy, it can indicate health problems.


If you are fed up with getting poked in the bum cheek every morning, then your period gets you out of morning sex without getting called frigid, or worse.


Periods and accompanying PMT can account for weird behaviour, like crying in front of your boss or threatening to kill someone who is walking in front of you too slowly. Men in particular are frightened of period-related issues. Simply mention to your manager or dad that you are menstruating, and they'll forget to tell you off for something in their haste to escape your scary femininity.


Having your period is an excuse to be kind to yourself. Spin class, jogging and all those torture activities can be written off. I have my period, I don't feel up to it. No other excuse required.

If you put on half a stone you can kid yourself it's water retention, rather than 5 days of non-stop Malteaser stuffing. This in turn leads to the glorious return of jogging bottoms and those massive pants we all love. You would have more self-respect if only you weren't on your period. You'll work it off when your energy returns.

Plenty of women agree we should talk more openly about periods, and post their menstrual thoughts, issues and comments on Twitter under #livetweetyourperiod. It's aimed at de-sexualising and normalising periods - it's pretty funny and worth a look if you are suffering, or even enjoying, your period this month!

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