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The Guide to Good Bacteria

Posted in General Health 19 Jun, 2015

Many illnesses and diseases are caused by bacterial infections, which take over healthy cells in the body, causing unsightly symptoms, but are all bacteria bad? In fact, there are good bacteria, which actively live in the human body and certain bacteria called probiotics which can be ingested. These probiotics are usually available in the form of yogurt, cream and various other dairy and dietary supplements.

The good bacteria are essential in fighting their bad counterparts, helping with undigested foods and also calorie management. Unhealthy eating and stress can dwindle these good bacteria, though, which can then allow the harmful bacteria to prevail and wreak havoc on the body, e.g. symptoms such as diarrhoea and gas occur, not managing this can lead on to even more harmful bacterial infections, including inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome to name but a few.

Find out more information about good bacteria from our 'Guide to Good Bacteria' infographic below.

good bacteria guide
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