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Trying To Cut Out Sugar? Don't!

Posted in General Health 29 Sep, 2015

Completely cutting out sugar is about as futile as trying to high-five Vladimir Putin, but with research showing that sugar contributes to bad health, what are you supposed to do? The intake of large amounts of sugar can potentially cause harm in the long term such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular health, obesity, and high blood pressure, not to mention bad oral hygiene too. A number of lifestyle changes can be carried out to prevent the risk of bad health.

Let's get it into context. A can of cola contains seven spoonfuls of added sugar. A standard chocolate bar can contain six teaspoons. You're supposed to take no more than six teaspoons a day.

The obvious conclusion is to avoid 'added-sugar' foods, as they have lots of sugar and don't sweat the rest. A life of squeezing sugar-free tomato ketchup on your fish fingers, anyone? No? I didn't think there would be any takers.

Try to avoid the following devil foods so you can enjoy the sugar you do eat as part of a healthy diet.

Fizzy Drinks

Soda can rot out your teeth, pile on the calories, and give you palpitations. It's the very drink Satan takes to cool himself down. Avoid them like the Heinz brand avoiding an emissions probe.

Daily Desserts

You don't need ice-creams or cakes after your lunch and your dinner. Have some sweet fruit instead, or jelly if you are desperate. Frozen mashed bananas are not just for kids.

Sweetened Cereals

Stick to healthy cereals, not sweetened ones. Frosties may declare 'added fibre' on its garish packaging that's appallingly aimed at children, but that doesn't eliminate its sugary coating. It's Bran Flakes all the way. Or eggs. Or wholemeal toast. Cut out your sugary start to the day and you won't crash before you've reached the garden gate.

Sugar in Tea and Coffee

Spooning sugar into caffeinated drinks is a marriage made in hell. The coming together of two dark forces predicts the apocalypse, dark times are ahead. OK, it's not that dramatic but you really don't need sugar in your tea or coffee. It tastes great without it. You can add vanilla, cinnamon, ginger or almond if you want. That goes for your cereal too.

Processed Meals

Manufactures know that added sugar means added taste and that we become addicted. The next time you pick up a shepherd's pie at Sainsbury's, check out sugar levels of two brands and buy the one lower in sugar (and preferably lower in fat too).

Sugar Is A Treat Food

My grandmother is obsessed with sugar, but not in a greedy 'I must eat another doughnut' way. She doesn't take sugar in her tea or on her cereal, because during the war they had to go without it so her mum could make a cake. This is the way we need to head in 2015. Sugar is an occasional treat. It's not a daily food group. We get enough from fruit, nuts, eggs and the amount manufacturers put in processed meals.

So, in true secondary school conclusion time, don't add sugar to your food and drinks, exercise, sleep enough, and drink plenty of water, then you can enjoy life by having a sugary treat now and then.

Find out more information about what other lifestyle changes you can make to prevent a gain in weight or potentially developing diabetes in the long term. We provide prescription medication such as metformin for diabetes if you currently suffer from the condition. We also offer guidance for effective weight loss, visit our weight loss page for more.

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