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Been Told You Smell? Try These Things

Posted in General Health 02 Jun, 2015

Yikes, someone had the nerve to tell you that you smell? That was a brave step. So now you know, what are you going to do about it? Firstly, are you washing enough? Your skin, hair, clothes, shoes and breath can all smell independently. You may shower twice a day but if you don't brush your teeth and you wear the same shirt all week, you will hum a bit.

All clear on the cleaning front? Check. Using antiperspirant? Check. Then it could be one of these reasons.

You don't dry yourself properly

Damp skin, especially in the folds of armpits, love handles, toes, fingers and under breasts, can breed bacteria which smells. Towel yourself off thoroughly and use powder to ensure you are properly dry.

You eat spicy foods

You can eat mints until you explode, but some spices metabolise slowly and the gases are released through your pores and lungs. Not much you can do about it except avoid spicy foods before an important appointment.

You only brush your teeth

Your gums and tongue need a good clean every day as well as your teeth. Your tongue is covered in tiny hairs that trap bacteria. Scrape your tongue with a purpose-built scraper or a soft toothbrush.

You are stressed

Stress leads to an adrenaline response and fight or flight sweating. Your whole body is covered in sweat-releasing pores, not just your armpits. Reduce stress levels (easier said than done) or try drinking sage tea, which is said to help excessive sweating.

You think deodorant is the same as antiperspirant

Nope. Deodorant just smells nice. Antiperspirant blocks your pores. Choose an antiperspirant with deodorant if you want to avoid sweating and also leave a pretty smell in your wake.

You wear the same bra each day

This is easy to do, but bras lie against the places we sweat a lot such as across your back and under your breasts. Don't wear the same bra more than two days in a row and wash it between breaks. It helps if you have more than one 'work' bra.

You have flatulence

There are lots of triggers for flatulence! Chewing gum makes you swallow air, you're not eating enough yoghurt to keep bacteria levels under control, you eat and run, you eat a lot of fibre. You know what to do.

You are between periods

Unfortunately our bodies just do whatever they please, sparing no thought for social niceties. Hormones levels can up your body temperature. Wear cotton underwear and a stronger antiperspirant. Blame nature.


Smoke gets trapped in your clothes, hair and on your skin. It also causes your gums to recede, leading to bad breath. Yet another reason to quit smoking. You've dropped carbs

Dropping carbs means ketosis breath. Your body is burning fat instead of carbs, and stinky ketones are produced when burning fat. These are wafted into the air with your breath.

You have an underlying illness

When they don't work correctly, your liver and kidneys don't remove the toxins from your body. This can lead to toxins producing BO instead.

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