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Christmas calorie count – part 2

Posted in General Health 11 Dec, 2010

The traditional Christmas dinner is part of a mammoth calorie binge that sees us consume, on average, three to four times more food than we actually need. Health experts warn it's not just your waist size going up that’s the problem. It's also what is going on inside your body. Your blood pressure goes up, and so does your blood sugar. Ignoring a weight loss diet and eating too much over Christmas might even tip some people with borderline glucose intolerance into full blown diabetes or cause a heart attack.

Here’s a typical calorie count in a Christmas dinner:

Roast turkey (90g) = 149 calories, 4g fat
Roast potatoes (85g) = 127 calories, 4g fat
Stuffing (100g) = 231 calories, 15g fat
Bread sauce (45g) = 42 calories, 1g fat
Roast parsnips (90g) = 102 calories, 6g fat
Boiled carrots = 14 calories, 0g fat
Boiled brussels = 32 calories, 1g fat
Gravy (50g) = 17 calories, 1g fat
Cranberry sauce (30g) = 45 calories, 0g fat
Pork sausage (20g) = 62 calories, 5g fat
Bacon (40g) = 135 calories, 11g fat

Safe diet pills taken over the long term can help you reduce the risk of such conditions by helping you to maintain a healthy body weight. Treatments such as Xenical absorb a hefty proportion of fat content contained within food so that the fat passes through your system rather than being stored in your body. You can buy Xenical and other safe treatments online from any reputable online clinic to aid your weight loss diet. Enjoy a healthy happy xmas and stay tuned for the Christmas Calorie Count Part 3.

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