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Is your body ready for spring?

Posted in General Health 14 Mar, 2011

The first day of spring falls in just seven days time (March 21st). After a long and cold winter, we can all look forward to some sunshine at last!

The two long weekends in April particularly offer us something to get excited about.

Given our proximity to winter’s end, here is a question that you might want to consider asking yourself: is your body ready for the spring?

Chances are that, like the rest of us, you’ve spent the winter hibernating to a certain degree; staying indoors in the warm and eating plenty of food. There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact it’s natural.

But when the sun comes out more during spring, we can expect to be outdoors more, and on display more too.

So if you have become overweight during the winter then now is the ideal time to lose weight. Not only will you feel healthier during those sunny days outdoors – you’ll also look better if you take a plunge in a swimming pool, or go for a sunbathe on a beach.

With Christmas indulgence well behind us, and (hopefully) many long, warm days and evenings ahead of us, it makes perfect sense to start dieting. So shake off that winter wobble! Here’s to a summertime of laughter, health and happiness.

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